What a wonderful world!

IMG_2191 What is this life, if full of care;

We have no time to stand & stare….. (more…)

Treasured Wheels


I love older things that people have used and cherished. They have personality, character, and soul ~ Anonymous

Tucked away in the hills of Sonapur (about 17 kms from Guwahati City) is a treasure trove of all things old & vintage. Under the tireless efforts of Mr Pickloo Deka over the years, flourishes his dream and hobby of collecting rare gems that occupy pages of history. Called the TREASURED WHEELS, it is his endeavour to collect and offer a peek to the glorious yesteryears to all the interested people of today & tomorrow. He says that he wants to leave behind glimpses of our rich history for the future generation, under one roof. (more…)

Green thumb

parenting-quote-picture Pic Source

In several of my posts earlier, I have shared about my tiny steps into the world of gardening. And if I have to name one person who motivates me to do so, it’s my Deuta (that’s what we call our father in Assamese). He loves (more…)

Rooted in Joy (Part IV)

rooted in joyPic Source: Google Images

The glory of gardening – hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed – not just the body, but the soul! ~ Alfred Austin

As I have already shared in my previous posts over the years – Part I, Part II & Part III and one more post, I have slowly and steadily treaded into the world of gardening with my potted plants in the balcony. At present, I have a balcony full of pots with varied plants including a veggie patch too. 🙂 (more…)

A Shaky Monday

WP_20160104_001 After effects of the earthquake today 😦

At around 4.30 am today (04/01/2015), I woke up to a tremor. Soon I could feel the building shaking and I jumped out of the bed and tried to think of things I should take along. From the door I came back to grab my sweatshirt and (more…)

Photo Friday (22) – A Delicacy

InstagramCapture_d2e4b9cf-240b-405a-9426-89e4519b23e6_jpgThis photo was taken last month during one of my work trips to Bongaigaon, Assam. I had taken the Goalpara route and it was my first time in that part of my state. We had stopped at a place called Dudhnoi for breakfast and it was where I saw a lady selling the above silkworms along with many other ethnic food items like bhoot jolokia (ghost chilies), black rice, homegrown ginger, pigeons & chicken, etc. (more…)

Random on my mind…


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I have been MIA for quite some time now. Apart from the occasional meme posts like This Week in Books / WWW Wednesdays & Photo Friday and a few book reviews (I have so many pending 😦 ), I have not been writing much. I guess my mind is caught up with too many things at one time and because of that muddle in my head, nothing specific is coming up…sigh!

Anyways, I thought that, to end this phase, what would be better than a random post; so here it is– (more…)

Photo Friday (14) – Elixir!

InstagramCapture_a3eca7c9-c0ac-4249-8c09-293c303849ea_jpg Coconut water, no less than an elixir for me, is the ultimate summer drink and offers a much better & tastier alternative to both water and soda infused fizzy drinks. This is a natural drink that provides a whole range of health benefits. I prefer it over any other cooling drink, any day. And with its health benefits, its a win-win situation. 🙂