A Shaky Monday

WP_20160104_001 After effects of the earthquake today 😦

At around 4.30 am today (04/01/2015), I woke up to a tremor. Soon I could feel the building shaking and I jumped out of the bed and tried to think of things I should take along. From the door I came back to grab my sweatshirt and then again came back to take my phone & wallet. I had an emergency backpack ready but by the time I remembered about it, there was no time left to come back again. My sister was shouting at me to hurry up. We rushed down to the ground floor as fast as we could. By the time we reached, the shaking had stopped. But we along with the other residents of our apartment were too scared to go up again immediately. So we all decided to wait for sometime, incase there is some aftershock tremors. Thankfully there were none and after about half an hour we all went back up to our own flats.

Since I and my sister live in the 5th floor we always feel the tremors in a much intense scale. But then today was different because the duration was about 2-3 minutes and we could literally feel the building swaying. Later on we came to know that the epicentre was near Imphal, Manipur and the intensity was 6.7 on the Richter scale. There was not much damage to my stuff except the pot above that toppled over and broke into pieces. What a scary morning it was and now I am scared to sleep peacefully tonight. I hope God & Mother Nature spares us again!

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  1. Tremors can be very scary. I was in Ahmedabad during the earthquake in 2001 and the horror of that morning is still fresh in my memory.
    Glad you have an emergency back pack, keep it handy dear.
    I sincerely hope mother nature chooses to stay calm after today’s unrest.

    1. oh my God….that must be one scary memory!
      Last night i kept the backpack near the door and the key ready in the keyhole…..thankfully nothing happened and i hope it remains the same. :/

  2. Hugs Dreamz! I’m so glad you are alright!!
    My sis was in Calcutta and felt the tremors as well and she was pretty scared as well.

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