Green thumb

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In several of my posts earlier, I have shared about my tiny steps into the world of gardening. And if I have to name one person who motivates me to do so, it’s my Deuta (that’s what we call our father in Assamese). He loves planting flowers and vegetables and has the patience to tend them and care for them regularly. Watering them early in the morning, feeding them with cow dung (organic manure), pruning them, removing the weeds growing around them, etc. are some out of the many things he loves doing during the morning. We do not have lots of open space for him to go for a full fledged flower or kitchen garden but nevertheless he makes do with what he has.

And this year, he saw some good results of his hard work. This Bihu, when I was home, I got to capture a few of his gardening delights. Today I am sharing them here –

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There were many other flowers & veggies that he had grown this year, but I could manage pics of only these; nevertheless I did get to capture a few of the best lot! On my return journey, I brought back these with me and I have to share that they tasted different & better than the market ones and cooked quite soon too. 🙂



  1. Wow! a beautiful garden, well cared for by the family over times becomes a part of the family 😀
    What fresh produce and pretty flowers, now i know where you got your green thumb from 🙂
    Lovely pictures 😀

  2. Your father’s gardening is very successful. I can see why he inspires you to garden. You quote is very appropriate, and I love it. Hugs, my dear.

  3. There is something special about eating home-grown organic veggies. You know exactly what has gone into them! 🙂

    It is my dream to grow my own veggies and herb. Some day… Even if I can grow a few things at home, I would be set for life!

    Lovely garden, and the fresh produce looks gorgeous!

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