Rooted in Joy (Part III)

rooted in joySource: Google Images

I have already shared in Part I & Part II  about the lil’ garden I am nurturing in the balcony of my apartment. Last November, I was in a shop to buy some flower pots. In the counter, I saw some neatly arranged packets of various types of vegetable seeds. And almost instantly, I got the idea to do a vegetable patch, but in a flower pot. I went ahead and brought three varieties of seeds – coriander, spinach & French beans.

Now that I had a variety of seeds in my stock, I started looking for a rectangular shaped pot to start my vegetable patch. After searching a lot, I finally found the pot I wanted and brought it home. With the help of the security guys of my apartment, I filled the pot with soil (not very good quality but used it anyways) and placed it in my balcony. After taking advice from my father, I soaked the seeds overnight and next morning sowed them in the tub with a lot of enthusiasm. With the 1st leg of the process done, the difficult part of waiting began. I checked the pot every morning, if any sprouts have appeared over the night. At one time, I thought they will never come because I might have done something wrong or maybe the soil was not good enough. My sister, who lives with me, asked me to have patience. Also, I had no other choice other than waiting.

But then one morning this is what I saw –


I was overjoyed and started clicking pictures to record the moment. My joy knew no bounds and I shared the happy news with almost everyone. 🙂 This was the first time when I had successfully nurtured a plant from the very beginning. Every day the plants grew bit by bit and every morning I smiled at them.

WP_20141222_002 WP_20141224_004 WP_20141224_001

Soon I had a pot-ful of green veggies. I did not even feel like harvesting them because I wanted them to look like that forever.

WP_20150110_001 WP_20150130_001However, one Sunday, I finally harvested the 1st lot – spinach & coriander and made a salad out of it, along with freshly chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger & green chillies. Freshly plucked veggies, that too from my own balcony added much more to the flavour and both I and my sister relished every bit of it with our Sunday lunch.




As for the French bean plants growing along with them, here are a few pics. I had planted only a few seeds and so only few beans grew. And I don’t have the heart to pluck the beauties and so they are still on the plant, very much intact, in their branches! 😛

InstagramCapture_9a8f0c70-734e-4d04-9837-c895ff88423e_jpg Flowers bloomed

InstagramCapture_4e647094-ea15-497a-966d-feeccf80721e_jpg Out came the baby beans! 🙂

WP_20150225_002 They are all grown up now! 😛

I loved doing my veggie patch this season and will definitely do more in the next season. 🙂

So guys, what do you think of my veggie patch? Do you grow vegetables at home? Do share your tips if you have any.


  1. Oh Madhu ! How wonderful ! I’m a failed gardener with a brown thumb 😦
    It’s so heartening to see your vegetable patch. Great going. Keep at it. I shall gaze at your garden and satisfy my yearning to be a gardener 🙂

    1. hey TGB, I am glad you love my lil’ garden 🙂
      As for your gardening skills, do give it a try again. I am sure your thumb will turn from brown to green soon 🙂

      1. You know, I think I should start thinking about it. Am inspired by you 🙂
        But it will require a lot of thought on my part, whether I should put a plant’s life at risk !

  2. Super awesome!! Seriously.. I have never seen French beans growing in a flower pot before. I have grown coriander, mint and methi so far. You are inspiring me so much.

  3. You’ve done a fantastic job, Madhusmita!! Congratulations on your gorgeous accomplishment. And it really does feel phenomenal to grow your own food–and from seed as well. Everything in your picture looks so healthy and well-tended.
    NOW GO EAT THOSE GREEN BEANS! (the more you pick, the more will grow. gardener secret!)

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