A point to ponder upon…

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Yesterday, 5th June, was World Environment Day.

Starting from everyone wearing green-themed clothes to talking about how we can save mother earth to how to educate our kids about Mother Nature to making kids in their schools to bring saplings and planting them to organizing seminars and competitions to forwarding thoughtful pictures/ messages in Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc., the world was busy spreading a word about the ‘day’.

In midst of all these, a message that was shared by one of my colleagues was what struck my mind and made me think in a completely different perspective. In today’s e-world where everything is digital, counting our footprint in the digital world is as important as saving/planting a tree. Here is the message that was shared with me –

“On 5th June ,the World Environment Day, we may take a simple pledge to reduce sharing of irrelevant photos and videos thorough social media. This is precisely to reduce data centers storage capacity globally as data centers are today one of the biggest consumer of energy. If we even don’t plant a tree yet we can contribute towards climate protection by at least sharing optimum numbers of photos and videos. The photos and videos required more storage space and since it’s uploading growing at an unbelievable rate per minute which forced service providers to create more DC space. Let’s ponder in a small way for posterity.” 

I leave you, my readers, with this thought to ponder upon and maybe we all can act upon it too.


  1. Thanks, Madhusmita. I hadn’t thought about the amount of power data centers use. I will be more cognizant of what I am posting and sharing on social media. Love and Hugs, my friend.

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