Love & Appreciation


It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.

When I started blogging, I had started as an Anonymous writer and never thought someone would be interested to read my ramblings / musings / opinions. But then comments appeared, followers came in one by one and conversations started. I ‘met’ (I still do) some very wonderful people too. It was then I realised that I am being appreciated and now, I am being nominated too, for awards. Every award nomination (in fact every like and every comment too) makes me feel elated that some people out in the big blogging world are reading what I write, & maybe even liking them.

In this virtual world of ours, we are not able to witness the effect – a smile or a tear or a thought to ponder upon – that our words might have on our readers. The only way to show that something had touched us is through the comments, likes, return visits, re-blogs and award nominations.

In my early blogging days, whenever I saw these awards on blogs I followed, I wondered that will I ever get one. I had my answer recently. I too am being now nominated for these awards and that too by people whom I know only through this wonderful medium of blogging. This feels wonderful that the blogosphere has accepted me. And I accept their love and appreciation and kind words with pleasure and humility. Thank you all!

1. Liebster Award – Nominated by Musings from a Bookmammal. Read my acceptance post here or click on the image below.


2. Shine On Award – Nominated by both Cleopatra Loves Books and Stephanie Thomas. Read my acceptance post here or click on the image below.

shine on award

3. Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award – Nominated by 3 gorgeous ladies – Michelle (from Book Chat), Stephanie (from S.J. THOMAS’S BOOK BLURBS) & Cleopatra (from Cleopatra Love Books). Read my acceptance post here or click on the image below.


4. Blog of the Year 2013 Award – Nominated for 1st star by Michelle (from Book Chat) and 2nd star by  Stephanie (from S.J. THOMAS’S BOOK BLURBS). Read my acceptance  post here or click on the image below. Ashima (from Lime ‘n’ Lemony) has crowned D&C with the 3rd star. 🙂 You can read my acceptance post here.

Blog of the Year Award 3 star jpeg

5. Sunshine Award – Nominated by Stephanie from S.J. THOMAS’S BOOK BLURBSRead my acceptance post here or click on the image below.


6. Dragon’s Loyalty Award –  Both Stephanie from S. J. Thomas’s Book Blurbs & Michelle from Book Chat had showered me with this award. You can read my acceptance post here or click the image below.


7. The Working to Change the World Award – Novemberschild from My Pinboard of Words &Thoughts have been very kind to nominate D&C for this new blogging award. You can read my acceptance post here or click the image below.

working to change the world

8. Stephanie from S.J. THOMAS’S BOOK BLURBS & Michelle from Book Chat had bestowed me with a string of 4 awards – Versatile Blogger, Most Creative Blogger Award, Most Influential Blogger & Reader Appreciation Award. You can read my acceptance post here.

versatile-blogger-award1 the-most-creative-blogger-award2-from-deo reader-app-award_thumb most-influential-blogger

9. Brin from Brin’s Book Blog had nominated me for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD.

SavedPicture-20149301381.jpg10. Liebster Award (once again) – I have been given this award earlier (post here), even then I was delighted to be nominated once again. A big thanks to Stephanie from S.J. THOMAS’S BOOK BLURBS, Vishal from Vishal Bheeroo, Vanessa from Love, love, love postcards, Deepa from Inspiring Evolution and Nibha from Expressions! Thank you guys! 🙂

As many of you already know, this award is a chain blog award passed around the blogging community as a sweet and simple way of getting to know each other. It also helps in discovering new blogs. 

liebsterblogaward11. Field of Flowers AwardStephanie from S.J. THOMAS’S BOOK BLURBS nominated me for this one. This is a fairly new award meant to show appreciation or say thank you or just to brighten someone’s day or because they simply deserve it – to spread a little love and care. Thanks a ton Stephanie! 🙂

field-of-flowers-award12. The Versatile Blogger Award – Michelle from Book Chat nominated me for it. This is awarded to spread the love for blogs that encompass a variety of topics. According to the site: “Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then”. And I am grateful to Michelle for thinking about me for this one 🙂

versatile13. The Lighthouse Award – Michelle from Book Chat again nominated me with another award.  This award is for the blogs that brings us happiness, enlighten our hearts, and bring a little joy to our lives when we visit their pages. And I am glad to receive it! 🙂

the-lighthouse-award14. The Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog Award – Both Michelle from Book Chat and Cathy from Between the Lines nominated me for this award. This award with the adorably whimsical name is given to someone who spreads one or more of JOY, PEACE, HOPE and LOVE with their blog! Thanks a ton Michelle & Cathy! 🙂

cracking-crispmouse-award-sammy-cat15. Sunshine Award – Vishal Bheeroo nominated me for this one. This award is given to bloggers who are positive, inspiring, creative or whose blogs you just really enjoy reading. Thanks Vishal! 🙂

fbf0a-sunshineaward16. The Parliament Award – Vishal Bheeroo again nominated me for this award. It is an award that signifies friendship, loyalty and togetherness. Thanks Vishal! 🙂



  1. Oops… I forgot you saw that already. I’m so behind with everything… trying to play catch up and my brain can’t keep up haha. Congratulations again, you deserve it!

  2. Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award is awesome! to whom are you passing this award to? you have to select 7 bloggers…ahem ahem!

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