Green thumb

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In several of my posts earlier, I have shared about my tiny steps into the world of gardening. And if I have to name one person who motivates me to do so, it’s my Deuta (that’s what we call our father in Assamese). He loves (more…)

Photo Friday (17) – Black Magic


I picked up this Black Stone Pottery tea-pot and mug set from the recently concluded North East Craft Carnival, 2015 held at NEDFi (more…)

A trip to the wilds (Part 1)

1.1This is a post long due; it has been lying in my drafts folder since February. It is about my 3rd weekend getaway that I am documenting in my blog. The 1st one is  here & the 2nd one here. 😛 And this time the location was Manas National Park (MNP). We had gone there in the early part of February, when it was still winter. (more…)

Serenity at Naamphakey

This is a post I should have posted long ago. Anyways, better late than never! 🙂

During the Christmas week, I was home for a weeklong break from work. This time I had planned to stay at home & enjoy a lazy holiday. Eating, sleeping & basking in the winter sun were the only things I had in my mind. But as I have already written earlier (post here), my Deuta is a travel enthusiast. As soon as he came to know that my leaves have been approved, he started drawing up a list of places we could visit. Since I was in no mood to travel a lot, he brought down the list with a few places nearby my hometown. We finally zeroed down to two – Majuli (largest river island in the world) & Namphakey village in Naharkatia. But then in the end, we could manage only one trip…….lazy me! 😛 (more…)