Heaven is here…

IMG_2416Flowers in my hair,

Clouds in the sky,

Meadows in the foreground,

And the freshness of the air around,

Is this heaven?

Cows grazing on the distant slopes,

Sweetness of tinkling bells amongst the hills,

Children passing a football around

With cries of laughter

That warms the soul,

Is this heaven?

Blades of grass swaying –

In the omnipresent gentle breeze,

Golden waters of the lake,

Shimmering brightly in the daylight,

A background of hills & meadows,

Bathed by the warm sun rays,

And as I listen to my thoughts in serenity,

I found my heaven, my paradise….


P.S. The photo was clicked on my recent weekend trip to Mawphanlur, a small village in Meghalaya. A detailed post on my trip will be up on the blog soon. πŸ™‚



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