Rooted in Joy (Part II)

rooted in joyPic Source: Google

Way back in December, 2012, I had shared in Part I (link here) that I have taken up gardening as a hobby, in my own little way. Living in an apartment, I do not have the luxury of a proper veggie patch/ flower bed. But I do have the liberty to grow some plants in pots. Over the last 2 years, I have added a pot or two and now have quite a few pots in my balcony. 🙂 And to my utter delight, I am quite proud of myself for the very fact that I have managed to keep them alive. The fact that all of these plants are very low maintenance plants is also a contributing factor, without any doubt. 😉

Since I spend most of my waking hours out of the house, I had gone ahead with the idea of low maintenance plants. Because nothing saddens me more than the sight of a dying plant & the guilty feeling it brings along. One plant had almost died but then maybe it decided to give me another chance (read about it here). Right now, the plants I have are mostly fuss-free ones and needs to be watered every alternate day. I water them in the mornings or in the evenings when I am back home after office. In some weekends, I de-weed the tubs and clean the outer side of the pots too.

With my limited experience of gardening, I have realized one fact that clay pots are better for gardening purpose over plastic ones. Because of weight issues, I had opted for plastic ones but  then the clay ones seems to be better as they retain the moisture. Also I feel in the clay ones, the plants can breathe better. And that is why I have decided to go for clay ones from next time. I may be wrong here on this but this is what I have realized in my little experience .

Right now I am happy with the look of my garden. I do not know the names of most of them so if anyone can tell me which is what, I will be glad. 🙂

I end my post with a glimpse of the beauties I have in my balcony, my lil’ garden 🙂 –

1. WP_20150210_0012. 
WP_20150210_008 3.WP_20150210_010 4. A SucculentWP_20150210_011 5.

WP_20150210_013 6.WP_20150210_0057. 
WP_20150210_006 8. WP_20150210_002 9. WP_20150210_003 10. WP_20150210_012 11. Aloe VeraWP_20150210_009 12. Tulip (which has not flowered in the past 2 years)WP_20150210_007

What do you think about them, guys? 🙂

And identify the plants if you can!


  1. I recognize many of the plants though I don’t know the names. The 7th and, one plant in the 9th photo, looks like Euphorbia to me. I have a lot of them. Actually it came with the house as the owners had a passion for it. They brought many of them all the way from Assam.
    The 6th one is Globe amaranth, also called Bachelor’s buttons. 🙂
    I love to find out names of plants, flowers, birds etc. So I might come back to this post. 😉

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