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Now this post was supposed to be done last week. But being a busy (lazy ?) bee I am doing it today. Better late than never! (I very well know to defend myself! :P)

June 5 is marked as World Environment Day all over the world. To mark this day, we were shown a short film at my workplace. The name of the film was “The Story of Stuff”. The name seemed to be a little different. We were expecting a typical movie raising the issues of environmental concern like – global warming, water preservation, and the like.

But we were in for a surprise. Many of us share a general dissatisfaction with excess and waste, as these contribute to ecological devastation and social changes too. The Story of Stuff is an illustrated commentary by Annie Leonard on how resources become products and ultimately trash, and what injustices occur along the way. The 20 minute long, fun-filled film gives a detailed insight into the consumer system and how it affects the world.


The film is full of facts and statistics illustrating the connections between our health, lifestyles, food, toxins, industries, policies, and stuff. One comment in the film caught my attention – “We come home and we are exhausted; so we plop down on our new couch and watch TV and the commercials/ads tells us ‘YOU SUCK’ so gotta go to the mall to buy something to feel better”. Isn’t it true for most of us? Definitely worth a thought! :/

What I enjoyed about the film is that it is persuasive but not a sermon. Though the tone is light its content is thought provoking. So friends, give it a look, and if you like it, encourage others to check it out too.

To watch the film, click on the link below:


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