As she turns 1

ponkhiI couldn’t love you more if you were
my own,
I’ll never forget the day you were born.
I share your triumphs, your joy, your pain.
I’ll be beside you every step of the way.
Watching you grow over the years,
has been a gift I hold so dear.
Always remember I’m here for you,
in all that you become and do.

It feels she was born just yesterday. When Sameeksha (my niece) arrived (on 08/11/2012), I had written a post on her here. The last time I wrote about her, all she did was sleep. But now she is growing up …..very fast. As per the regular updates I get from home,

  • She is getting naughtier
  • Standing wobbly-ly on her feet
  • Has 4 teeth & the 5th one is on its way
  •  Learning new things very fast
  • Eats solid food
  • Loves to lick the ice cream from her mother
  • Opens up her mouth to eat anything and everything (tangy lemon to bitter gourd)
  • She manages to get her hands on teeny-weeny particles (which eventually makes their way to her mouth) inspite of everyone trying to keep an eye on her all the time
  • Makes faces to grab our attention
  • Adores my Maa and Deuta
  • Smiles at everyone, even strangers
  • Learnt to wave her hand to say ‘bye’
  • Punches the keys in the mobile phone (but swipes on a touch screen one  :P) and takes it to her ears
  • Blabbers loudly most of the times
  • Hardly sleeps for an hour at a stretch
  • She knows very well to avoid the edge of the bed after she had a fall, which cut her lip slightly

……any many other things.

Because I stay away from home, I get all her updates from Maa via regular calls & my sister through WhatsApp (thanks to technology). My sister sends as many pictures/videos, capturing her nuances, as she can, so that we do not miss her growing up days.

On her 1st birthday, I wish that she may remain the most beautiful and cute that she is and grow up to become a beautiful person at heart too. I pray that she grows up to be a healthy girl and meet success in her future endeavours. I wish that all her dreams may come true. I hope she grows up to a girl with a strong mind and confidence to battle all ups and downs of her life successfully.

My prayers and blessings for her now, today and always!

Love you Sameeksha! May God bless you!

Poem source – Google

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  1. Still remember your sms saying “i am a mahi now”..and now delighted to see a post on her 1st bday..
    awww..She is just 1%…May God always shower his blessings on the little angel and brighten up her little world…God bless..

  2. Wishing her many many beautiful years of happiness, health and success!! She is indeed lucky to have such a loving Maahi 🙂 Love to Ponkhi :-*

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