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# I would tell you…. I got married! πŸ™‚ It happened in September this year and life has been super busy since then.

# I would tell you, how grateful I felt to have my family and friends around me on one of the most important days of my life. Everyone made me feel so special and if not anything, I was definitely a happy bride πŸ™‚ ❀

# I would tell you, how Anjana (a dear friend I made in this blogosphere and have never met) surprised me with a lovely wedding gift along with her best wishes. I truly feel blessed to have found her ❀

# I would tell you, that in between the wedding preparations I visited Pune (for the first time) for a week-long training programme. It was a welcome break and I enjoyed my stay there; will write in details about it soon. Vishal, I took a quick round of your college campus too πŸ™‚

# I would tell you, that I visited Maldives and came back spellbound (will try to do a post on it soon) and craving for another trip already! πŸ™‚

# I would tell you, that my niece is 5 years old now. This time I missed her birthday celebrations but made up for it by getting her a bicycle, as per wishes. πŸ˜€ I am told that she loves her cycle and is busy with it all day long…I can’t be happier! πŸ™‚

# I would tell you, how I miss my reading. After juggling office, setting up my new home, visiting relatives and what not, I hardly get any free time these days and whenever I do, I feel sleepy after reading a few pages. I wish things are back to normal soon, at least on the reading front! :/

# I would tell you, how I love the onset of winter – the nip in the air, snuggling in warm blankets and enjoying a cup of hot tea… bliss! Sadly, the temperature currently is not what it used to be at this time of the year, some years back; global warming/ damage to the environment is the cause maybe? :/

And I would ask you how have been things at your end in the past few months?


  1. Congrats! πŸ™‚ That’s why I have not been seeing you as often as before I guess. Enjoy life. I can relate to how you miss reading. It is happening to me this year. But on the plus side I have traveled. So that sort of makes up.
    When were you in Pune? I myself was there in October, for a week. And Maldives. Waiting for your post. πŸ™‚

  2. Best wishes to you my dear Madhusmita! I was certain you were on hiatus but I didn’t know for what reason. I am so happy for you! Wedding pictures? Tell us about your hubby – where did you meet him? This is the best Coffee Share of all!

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