Gym woes


I came across these lines in a blog (Monday Notes) &  could not help but laugh aloud at the irony of the fact-

“I think we can agree on the fact that going to the gym is among the stranger activities humankind engages in. The whole concept of going to a closed room to move and sweat and be physically active, in order to make up for the rest of the day spent in other closed rooms where you don’t move and don’t sweat and aren’t physically active is somewhat bewildering”.

I am a foodie and can never think to cut down on all the goodies. Whenever I try to control eating something, my craving levels reach an all time high. But then, I want a perfect body too – not a model-like body but a fit/toned one. Yes, I know both cannot be balanced together. However I try to make efforts. 😛 I have not yet succeeded in landing myself in a gym (since I cannot spare time in the evenings & am a late riser….and yes, I know these are not convincing enough excuses). Oh no, wait. I did land once, but the gym got closed down after a week or so I joined with a friend of mine. So I guess this cannot be counted. Poor me!

Every now & then, I do try to follow simple weight loss techniques which fits my bill. Suryanamaskar, walking, lemon water with honey in the morning, lower intake of calories in the evening, small & frequent meals a day, eating fruit whenever i crave for junk food…… I have tried them all. But then, even those last only for a few days as the initial enthusiasm fizzes out after sometime. I somehow manage to find excuses to skip the routines and soon I give up. 😦 Maybe it is the monotony which does not settle down well in my system, i don’t know.

However the efforts are still on. One day, I hope to find that one routine which I can stick to & of which I can reap the benefits. I am hopeful……and optimistic. 🙂

Do share if you have any ideas for me 😉

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  1. I feel your pain! 🙂 I was really spoiled because for the longest time I was able to eat anything I wanted without gaining weight. Then I hit forty . . . and it all changed! I’m still trying to balance acceptance with making healthy choices–it’s a journey!

    1. I too had a similar story. But then I landed up in a desk job. And soon started the accumulation of fats. And you are right, its a journey. Good luck to both of us 😀

  2. It is so tough! I hear you. The only diet that worked for me was to cut out bread and sugar – but it was SO HARD to do at first. Now I am maintaining and eating a roll or piece of cake here and there. I need to drop some more and not looking forward to being super strict again – no fun! But I do need to tone and not sure how I am going to do that. I make my friend walk with me once a week and I hike with the dog on the weekends, but I need to add some sort of arm workout or something. I don’t know, I have to find something I can stick with – good luck!!

    1. My issue is whenever I try to cut down on something I crave for it more. That’s the difficulty I face. And yes, I too have to find something that i can stick to or else the story will remain the same 🙂
      Good luck to you too!

  3. Wow!!! This is the story of my life!! Join the club 😉 So do let me know if you happen to discover something that works!!! 🙂

  4. Interesting post buddy 🙂 Good luck with your quest and do share with me if you find that foolproof routine 😀 I need one too 😉

  5. psssttt…i do need one!! things are soon going to get out of hand otherwise 😛

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