Being random again…

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I have started liking these random posts….perfect way to put down the many thoughts floating around in my mind, when I feel too lazy to write a full post. 😛 So here I go again –

  • I was never a poet, I doubt if I ever can be one; also poems rarely appeals to me. Inspite of that, I have somehow tried my hands in jotting down my feelings in the form of a poem many a times in this blog. And this is why I have added a new page in my blog – SCATTERED WORDS to archive all my attempts in one place. Do check it out and let me know how I fared, in case you missed any of them. 🙂
  • My Maa is in town and to say I am living a life of luxury will be an understatement. My house is spotlessly clean, fridge is well-stocked and me and my sister are eating freshly cooked meals each and every time (unlike the times when we store food in fridge and reheat them 😛 ). And the most important thing is that it feels home when I reach home from office with lights on and sweet fragrance of incense sticks in the air.
  • Last time I had shared that I had started swimming lessons; I did learn how to swim but somehow in between the routine got broke and I have not been in the pool for quite some time now. I need to do something about it real quick!
  • In one of the newly opened cafes in my city, STRAWBERRY FIELDS, I came across this interesting piece of art on bamboo – totally wow! Is not it?


  • I am yet to complete my post on my trip to Pondicherry….hopefully I will be able to post it soon. Meanwhile did you check one post I did on the Pondicherry doors? I simply loved them. 🙂
  • My niece is growing up so fast that at times I feel sad that I am missing out on her growing up phase – with all the innocent naughtiness. :/ Here is a glimpse of her, in the left pic she is posing for the camera and in the right one is at home where she had insisted on wearing her mother’s mekhela sador (Assamese traditional dress) during her play time. And doesn’t she look cute in her bald avatar? 😉


  • And last but not the least, I leave you with this beautiful quote I came across in an Instagram post –

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So I guess this is it for today. What have you guys been up to recently? Do share in the comments section or share links of any interesting posts that I might have missed. 🙂


  1. -I love your random posts. First of all, your niece is darling, and growing up.
    -Enjoy your time with your mother. Yes, mom’s do all that stuff for their children – it gives us a chance to dote.
    -Swimming lessons, yes, I remember. Have you finished them? Practice makes perfect, so get back in that pool.
    -Scattered Words – what a wonderful idea!
    -Loved the post on the Pondicherry doors, and am looking forward to more posts on Pondicherry.
    -The bamboo art from Strawberry Fields is beautiful and unique.
    -Love the poem.

    We have been busy here helping my son and his family get settled into their house. Of course, the greatest help has been to get Josie out of their way so they can accomplish more. It has been so wonderful spending time with her. We’ve gone to the park, a couple of children’s venues, shopping (she is a shop-a-holic already, and of course lots of playtime at Grammie and Grampie’s house. It is wonderful to have one of our sons back in town.

    We are leaving on vacation next week. We are driving to Portland, Maine and then up to Bar Harbor, back to Portland, and then on to Portsmouth, New Hampshire (all are along the coast). We will finish our trip with a stay with our son in Boston. Our grandsons have a long weekend off school, so we are excited for that extra time with them. They are getting big. Tyler just got his learner’s permit. It scares me he will soon be out there driving. Taylor is twelve and is all about being with his friends now. I think it is hard for my daughter-in-law – her babies are growing up way too soon.

    Well dear, you asked what was going on, and I’ve chewed your ear off. I am sure you didn’t expect a chapter. Take care my dear friend. I look forward to your next RANDOM post.
    🙂 Hugs 🙂

    1. oh dear! I love you Michelle, for taking out the time and commenting on my posts each and every time. You are my confidence booster…thanks a ton! :*
      As for your life updates, I am totally excited about your upcoming vacation, especially because you mentioned that all the places are along the coast! Josie is growing up to be one cutie pie, love & hugs to the lil’ one ❤
      Have a fun-filled family time!
      Love & hugs!

  2. Love your random posts 🙂 yay to Ammas – enjoy M 🙂 Your niece is looking so cute – look at her all posing 🙂 Love that bamboo light – so cool 🙂 And finally on that quote – super awesome! Thanks for sharing..

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