Music for my ears

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I remember that tinkling & jingling sound…..I miss it too! It was a typical sound synonymous with her.

As a kid it was the “beware” signal for the three of us, if we were up to some mischief, as well as the comforting signal that she is there when we needed her. In short, it was our secret signal to know her whereabouts. 🙂

I remember this sound of hers reverberating in our home.

And now, miles away from home, I feel deprived of that oh-so-familiar sound. But when I hear it once in a while, it seems to be the best music for me- one that soothes me & my soul.

If you have not guessed it by now, I am reminiscing the tinkling & jingling of the bangles my Maa wears, 3 gold  ones, 24*7 in her left hand….she still does. As s kid, it was delightful to see my mother adorn her wrists with those bangles – they seem to be a part of her. I have never seen her without them, any day, even when she is showering or sleeping.

For others, it might be only a sound produced by rubbing of 3 metal pieces against each other, but for me it’s the best music in the whole world. 🙂 It is an integral item in my chest full of memories.

As I write this post, I miss her. Maa, I love you… thank you for being my Maa 🙂

I am off to make a call to her now. 🙂


A scientific study says –

Sights, sounds and smells can all evoke emotionally charged memories. A new study in rats suggests why: The same part of the brain that’s in charge of processing our senses is also responsible, at least in part, for storing emotional memories.

For instance, the smell of turkey could conjure up a smile as it reminds you of a joyful Thanksgiving, while the sound of a drill could make you start in fear, since it may be linked to your last dental appointment.

Source: (

I am participating in Write Tribe Festival of Words – 2. This post is under the theme of Day 4 – Music

Day 1 – Memories

Day 2 – Food

Day 3 – Books

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  1. Moms remind us a lot of music, their bangles..simply love the soul as it refreshes our memory on the times where we would run away from them and know when they are in the house:)

  2. I like the association we make there.. certain sounds from our childhood just brings up a flood of memories and emotions, dont they? a familiar school bus honk, a voice that sounds similar…

  3. Just cant find any words this time….I would say this is the most simple but the best post on your blog till date..really appreciate your creativity and I never would have related music to this sweet sound.. I always say your post curves a sparkling smile to me but this one brought tears to my eyes..This one made me feel my Maa around..Miss my MAA..wherever you are “I love you Maa”..
    Beautiful one!

    1. Awww…thanks a lot dear! And yes, I am sure your Maa is always around you, watching you & showering her blessings from the heavens above and that she loves you too! 😀

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