Writing Challenge

Being me…


Of late I have realized I have been speaking out my mind quite a lot. Sometimes it is respected & understood & sometimes it’s not. I am in the process of letting go of my ‘let-me-be-politically-correct’ attitude. Many a times, I am alienated because I don’t speak and cheer for what the crowd/majority says. This at times hurt me. But then, its okay. The fact that I do not have to pretend all the time makes me much comfortable with myself.  (more…)

A Challenge (Day 3: Books)

quote challenge day 3 Today is the final post for the Three Day Three Quote Challenge. Thanks to Karen from My Train of Thoughts…… for nominating me. I thoroughly loved participating in this challenge. 🙂

Today’s quote is by Haruki Murakami. His words express exactly how I feel when I get engrossed in a good book. And yes, it’s definitely one of my favourite feelings in the world! 🙂 So, here it is – (more…)

A Challenge (Day 2: Life)

quote challenge day 2

Thanks to Karen from My Train of Thoughts…… once again for nominating me for the Three Day Three Quote Challenge.

The quote I have today is actually an excerpt from one of my favourite poems I read in my English classes. Here it is – (more…)

A Challenge (Day 1: Love)

quote challenge day 1

I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time now. It’s not that I have no ideas/motivation to weave posts around, but somehow the thoughts in my mind are not translating into blog posts. Maybe my mind is too cluttered or maybe I am simply tired…..

Anyhow, Karen, from My Train of Thoughts……, had nominated me for the Three Day Three Quote Challenge, a few days back. I accepted her challenge, thinking it would be a good opportunity to make a comeback to my blog.

So here I am with the Day 1 post – (more…)

The three of us….

three sisters

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They the three sisters –

Big sis’, mid sis & lil’ sis,

Keeper of secrets & teller of stories.

Three journeys they made,

Treading on different paths

In the walk of life …

Side by side or miles apart,

They are bonded together,

Always by the heart.


A hungry day and one realization…..

thinking-food Source- Google

Today I woke up late, I mean very late. And hence, I had to rush, in fact run around, through all my morning chores, and get dressed up too for a meeting at work. In all these running around the one thing that I could afford to skip today was my breakfast. I hate skipping my breakfast, especially my morning tea because whenever I do, I get a terrible headache and I know soon after that I am not going to have a good day at all. And today was no different. (more…)