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I did not realize I was making memories when –

  • I flew away riding my bicycle, one fine day, perfecting the balance for the first time without anyone holding it
  • As a kid I thought I was flying when I went high up in a swing
  • I stole cookies from the kitchen
  • I made my escapes into the world created by the words of Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Tinkle, etc.
  • I read my story books during ‘study time’ by hiding it under my text books or keeping it in the drawer nearby
  • I had to stand outside the classroom or put my ‘hands up’ for rest of the period because me and my bestie giggled aloud at one of our silly jokes, during a teacher’s lecture
  • We felt excited for getting a free period at school when a teacher was absent. But most of the times we had to spend the entire period standing in the assembly ground as a punishment for creating a ‘fish- market’ in the classroom
  • I exchanged my tiffin with my Punjabi & Bengali friend who loved to eat my Assamese Maa-made food
  • Me and my elder sister dressed up our lil’ sister
  • We three sisters gave each other handmade cards & gifts at the stroke of midnight on our birthdays every year
  • Maa stitched, all by herself, exactly 3 same frocks (only the size differed) for the three of us
  • We played Miss India contests in my childhood with my neighbourhood girls (boys were a strict no-no) complete with sequins studded cardboard crowns  and paper sashes scribbled with colourful sketch pens
  • We visited our ancestral home twice a year during Bihu and getting to experience rural life from close quarters – sowing, reaping, fishing in ponds, climbing trees & plucking fruits – we tried our hands at everything.
  • My sisters, Maa & Deuta – all five of us sat under the warm winter sun relishing on some sweet oranges or Robab Tenga & chit-chat too.
  • We got our 1st landline connection and the ‘n’ number of prank calls we made whenever Maa & Deuta were out – how excited we were!
  • I felt loved and cared for by Maa & Deuta when I was sick and they were beside me taking care of me & comforting me as well (now, I have to take care of myself 😦 )
  • I thought my sisters and my cousin brother were my worst enemies
  • I made my first friend when I went to a hostel for the first time
  • Fell in love for the first time
  • Me and my hostel mates giggled & tip-toed into the mess at hostel for cooking our favourite 2 minute-wala Maggi
  • I managed to wear and walk in a saree all by myself for the first time in my MBA days (Wednesdays were saree days)
  • I got my first paycheck, in 2009, and the smile that I could feel lighting up on my dad’s face when I informed about it to him over phone

Oh! There are so many more…..

“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” 
― Oscar Wilde

I am participating in Write Tribe Festival of Words – 2. This post is under the theme of Day 1 – Memories

vecchio libro con stilografica


  1. Aha! That’s a lots of fun and beautiful memories!
    PS : If you dont mind, a feedback…the multi-coloured flickering stars on the blog are very distracting while reading! 😛

  2. often we fail to realize the little memories we make, and the as days go by in hindsight we realize with mirth that the little memories were all that mattered that always bring a smile where ever we are … I would even go further to with Shilpa and say, have a plan background.. reading difficulties with star studded and cloudy sky 🙂

    Happy memories..

  3. Lovely list of memories that you have put up, a lot of sweet, cute, childhood memories in there which I am sure all readers have their own versions of 😀

  4. Wow! Such simple yet joyful memories they are. I must tell you that I do share a lot of them. Glad to have connected through #WriteTribe. 🙂

  5. True goes the saying, “Today’s beautiful moments are Tomorrow’s beautiful memories”..we might not have captured those moments in pictures but these are the most cherished memories of life and your post as always is more than enough to bring back all those moments alive..THANK YOU… Madhus.. for “classroom punishment” I would surely like to add one thing..I guess you already got it..yess! that you were made to shift your seat for Showing Answers to others..
    ohh really! so sweet were those days..
    Keep posting!!

  6. Firstly I need a SUPERLIKE button for this post! with the mention of Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Tinkle, you made me go in the past, my school library & I got my first paycheck, in 2009, though it had to come in 2008 ending.

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