When she left….


vevashome-2 Pic Source

I always knew

She was a temporary guest,

A visitor for a few days;

But my mind got tricked

And I sailed with the tide

All this time –

Savouring the moments!

A clean house and a well-stocked fridge,

A smell like home, with her around;

Non-stop bantering –

With some advice thrown in with lots of this and that;

The house felt home,

The feeling of coming back, happy….

Tinkling & jingling of her bangles,

Music for my ears;

Peals of laughter,

Wafted through the rooms,

Along with the aroma of the magic of her hands;

As the three of us sat in one room.

But all good things

Come to an end

So did this,

Along came emptiness,

And it was time

When she left…

mother's day clip art 2013 Pic Source


      1. Oh ! That’s a real bummer. C’mon cheer up. You are made of dreams and clouds, and the two together are a magical combination. Just for today you’re allowed to wallow in misery, but tomorrow you have to rise and shine 🙂

  1. A beautiful poem. Yes, all good things do come to an end, but I’m happy you had a wonderful time while your mother was there. She will be back. I am sure she enjoyed her stay.

  2. I loved this piece. It was hauntingly familiar and resonated deeply with me. Beautiful work, M. I hope the next visit will last longer and be filled with more warmth and lasting memories.

  3. Now I miss mom and home all the more!! 😦 I wish she was here with me, Struggle in a new city would have been a little easier..

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