Maggi Mania

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MAGGI – the 2 minute instant noodles that bring an instant smile on everyone’s face. However,  sadly, sometimes it does not live up to the 2 minutes claim! But me being a Maggi –lover, can easily choose to ignore this because I will have it anyway. The Maggi jingle that was made around 25 years back still holds dear to me and brings back some happy memories every time I hear it.

I am quite sure that people around me will agree on the fact that they have more than one memory related to Maggi. Be it the Maggi in our tiffins that became more like a cake, on cooling down, during our school days; a hot bowl of Maggi during wet monsoon rains or wintery evenings; instant fix when you feel lazy to cook; bowls of Maggi gulped down by a bunch of hostel boarders as they take a break from their exam preparations or having a midnight snack or maybe even a birthday party and many more. In fact anyone who has ever had Maggi will have at least one memory to share. I have many and if I start writing them down here, the post will run into many pages. 😛

At this point I would like to mention that this post is not sponsored or requested by makers of Maggi (Nestle). It is just that since my childhood, Maggi has been an integral part of my life, till today and this is a kind of expressing my love for Maggi. 😉

My most favourite Maggi time is during winter (it’s not that I don’t not have it in the other time of the year), when I get to add fresh green peas & fresh coriander to it. For me, this takes up the flavours to a whole new level. Slurrrpp! A few days back, on a cold evening & when my sister was out for her extra classes, I was watching TV alone at home. Suddenly there was an unanticipated power cut and I had to light a candle to make some light in the room. Because I was left with nothing else to do, I decided to fix myself a bowl of Maggi – my ultimate comfort food. Here it is which I had in candle light. Enjoyed thoroughly – the taste and the visit down the memory lane!


I leave you with an old ad of Maggi, the same jingle over the last 25 years……enjoy!

Do you have any Maggi stories or any other comfort food stories? Do share them with me. J

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