Hidden Treasure

download (1)I was at home on a break. My father & I was discussing about getting ready some additional vegetable patches to grow green leafy veggies this winter. In today’s age of pesticides, fertilizers and what not, home grown veggies will be a healthy idea, my father opined. I agreed to help him out in preparing the patches.

Being excited about the whole idea, I started working on the patch the very next morning, after my morning cup of tea. With a spade I started digging. After toiling hard for about an hour, my Maa called me inside to come and have my breakfast. I thought I will dig for 5 more minutes and give my blistered hands and sore back some rest & have some food too.

One more dig and …..clang!The spade struck something metal. All my tiredness seemed to vanish as I was filled with a sense of excitement of finding something. Is it some kind of a hidden treasure? I wondered. After digging for some more I found a tin box which looked kind of familiar. I hastily opened it to check the contents, chipping a nail too, in the process. And as I opened the lid, the memories came flooding in.

The box contained some cute lil’ plastic kitchen utensils, old coins, coloured stones, buttons, pins & some sea shells too. I now remembered, with a smile lighting up my face- it’s the treasure I and my elder sister had hidden in the backyard of our house. We had planned to discover this on our next treasure hunt! 🙂

That day I discovered – a treasure of innocence! 😀

This post is for Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt for 04/11/2013: Imagine you were digging to the ground in the backyard of your new home to create a vegetable patch and found a treasure chest.




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