Once Upon a Bicycle


Yesterday I was having dinner & reminiscing about our childhood days with a childhood friend of mine. After coming back home and as I lay on my bed, I was feeling nostalgic of the good old, carefree days we had.  The memories pulled me back down the memory lane.

One of such memories was of riding a bicycle. The first bicycle I ever rode was a BSA Ladybird. It was handed down to me by my elder sister. I learnt to ride a bicycle quite late as compared to the other kids of my neighbourhood. I was scared to try learning to ride it because I worried too much about falling and getting hurt, which would then lead to injections (which I dread even today!). My lil’ sister learned to ride a bicycle before me!!! Finally when I was in the VIII standard I made up my mind to learn it. I did not take much time to learn and when I finally managed to ride the bicycle all by myself, without any help, I realized the fun I was missing. 😀

Back in those days, we used to go to school either in rickshaws or school buses or rode bicycles. The first two options were mainly for the kids before they could ride bicycles in the roads all by themselves. Soon I too joined the cycle gang to school. :)In many occasions when Dad could not pick up my little sister from school I used to give her a ride on my cycle. When she was the one who enjoyed throughout the ride, swaying her legs a little every now and then, I was the one who had to slog hard to pull the weight of both of us. 🙂 But then I too had enjoyed these kinds of rides when my elder sister was the one to slog it out! 😛

Once the summer/winter vacation started I and a cycling friend of mine used to go for cycling sessions early in the morning. We passed by the early risers out for a morning walk. We cycled and reached the embankments of Brahmaputra, enjoyed the morning fresh air and chirping of trees and then again cycled our way back home.

In those days, the best part of knowing to ride a cycle was that you could go anywhere without having to spend your pocket money. All you needed was the permission of the parents to go! It gave us a feeling of freedom & adulthood. It was like, “I get to do something on my own now”.

Yesterday while thinking of the days gone, I realized that the last time I cycled was in the year 2002. It has been more than a decade now. Wow! Time sure flies away…..

Nothing compares with the simple pleasure of a bike ride

~ John F. Kennedy

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  1. Madhus….
    I must confess that most of your post makes me nostalgic and curves a sparkling smile on my face. But this time I could not but drop into your post.

    WOW… bicycle rides… how I cherish those memories of paddling through the neighborhood. You will feel privileged to know that I too was a late learner and I learned to ride when I was in IX th standard. But once got the control there was no body to stop the explorer in me..hehehe…

    To us, our Bicycles were our CARS..Really riding those wheels had given so much fun and freedom. I and two of my friends from neighborhood used to rove around on holidays. There was hardly any lane in our locality which we had left unexplored. So many incidents but can’t write here. In particular, I recall an incident when we were chased by a group of dogs.. though managed to escape from the dogs but one of our rider fell down in a drain. Gawd.. those falls from the cycle and the cheeks getting radish red with the worry of people staring at the scene .

    I think my cycle was the first thing which made me realize that I can be on my own…I remember riding all the way to my school for the tuition classes and friends place ALL ALONE. Felt so great with the sense of being a big girl.

    Thank you so much for refreshing the memories which pushed me back to the sweet days. Keep on sharing your wonderful posts..

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