Fluffy and Me – my Thoughts


Author – Anita Krishnan



My thoughts –

A dog is a man’s best friend – and this book just proves it all over again.

The premise of this book is based on a true human-canine story and the selfless love they shared. The book is about the author herself and the lovely friendship she shared with her pet dog Fluffy (a Lhasa Apso) in her growing up years. She received Fluffy as a gift from one of her father’s friends when she was 9 years old and was looking for a companion to play with. And right from the first day they developed an inseparable bond of friendship and created countless memories in the quiet town of Shimla. Fluffy is naughty but very good at his job and you can’t stop falling in love with him. I just remembered how badly I wanted a dog as a pet and the desire that was buried down in these years have someway resurfaced after reading this book. The last few pages gave me a lump on my throat and I even had a tear in my eyes, even when I more or less knew what the ending will be like.

In the entire 200 odd pages book, the author makes us experience the strong love & affection and the camaraderie both Fluffy and Betu (Anita) developed over the years. The language is simple yet deeply touching.

Some snippets from the book, highlighting the three main parts of the book –


Final Words –

Read this one for a heartwarming experience and to live a loving & selfless friendship and also to experience the joy of having a pet who loves you unconditionally. 🙂

Notes –


    1. It was such a heart-warming book; now, even I want a Lhasa Apso 🙂
      This book came along when I was trying to decide a book for the February Motif and I cant be more happier that it happened 🙂

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