Being Random…again

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Being busy lazy I have not been able to come up with a proper post for quite a long time now. Things aren’t getting any better; so I decided to go ahead with a random post where I blurt anything and everything. Here it goes –

  • Whoa! Its end of February already? Time is flying indeed! 🙂
  • I have been spending some quality time in my kitchen and doing a bit of cooking and here are some snippets of the experience –
  • my foodAlso I ate some authentic, soul-satisfying Naga food in one of the most popular places for the cuisine called THE NAGA KITCHEN and here is a peek into the yummilicious meal –
  • naga kitchenHad a fun filled barbecue party with close buddies some weeks ago. The smoke was not at all comfortable but then the barbecued delicacies made up for it 🙂
  • barbecueHas anyone tasted this unique toffee; my little sister tells me it’s quite a rage these days, she tells me I am living under a rock! 😛
  • WP_20160220_002Since I was craving for a cake from Vanilla Bloom (a homebaker whom I absolutely love) and my birthday is very far, I ordered this for myself – 🙂
  • 7My sweet basil plant and cherry tomato plants are growing nicely….touchwood!
  • basil nd tomatoHave anyone of you tried KFC’s new item called CHIZZA? I was not blown away by this one. :/
  • IMG-20160130-WA0007I love this seed paper tag initiative by HIDESIGN…have you seen it?
  • 5A kiddo I absolutely adore has gifted me this as his birthday party favours… cute is that?
  • 6Though I have been quite slow, I have read some beautiful books till now in 2016 and I hope this streak continues. 🙂
  • books1Working in a financial institution, work pressure is crazy till March and I am coping it with it by counting the number of days left every day 😛 Also looking forward to a holiday after all this ends! 🙂
  • In view of the current scenario of the country where people are busy making groups and taking sides, I just pray for good sense to prevail & hope that people start making their judgments on the basis of proper research and reading and not on the basis of some Facebook posts, unknown videos, forwarded messages, etc.….hope it happens soon!
  • I am looking forward to that day when all the people in my city start lane-driving and help the traffic cops to keep the traffic under control; special request to the two-wheeler drivers to be careful when trying to pass through that narrow gap for they are the most vulnerable one in case of some mishap.
  • A close colleague cum friend is getting married in some days and I am having a lot of fun shopping with him – his special wedding embellished kurta, a ring for the bride, getting the wedding cards printed, etc. 🙂
  • I, finally, potted three of my succulents in some pretty pots, many more to go! 🙂


So guys, what are you upto these days? Do share in the comments section below, I would love to know! 🙂



  1. This post is brimming with reasons fir me yo go W.O.W.
    The food pictures from your kitchen made me want to try these. You are very creative with food besides artwork, gardening and so much more : D
    I agree, even my city needs people driving in proper lanes and abiding by traffic rules.
    I had no clue about that Hidesign paper tag initiative. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I want that piggy bank right away. It’s that cute.
    Noted the book recommendations and yes, I loved your new pots too.
    Why worry for a ‘proper’ post when you can post such awesome ones 😀

  2. Oh.. Lots of things had happened. Tell you, being random was the best thing you could do now to accomodate all these 😀 Loved everything M.

  3. Making me drool now.. that bar b que looks yummyliscious. .

    And the start of post you put lazy.. so.much you are doig so how is it lazy…

  4. Just going through the process og shifting to Mumbai. School searching etc is keeping busy 🙂

  5. What have I been doing? Reading and reviewing. Reading blogs. Playing with my granddaughter. Cleaning. Wishing the weather would quit teasing us with snow and let us have one good snow before spring arrives.
    I enjoyed your post. It seems you’ve been up to a lot more than I have.
    Have a great week ahead.

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