In the wilds of Nameri

Recently, I stumbled across a blog where the author had rightly said that a perfect day is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

The last weekend I and my friends made an impromptu plan to go for a weekend stay at Nameri Eco Camp – the Angling, Birding & Wildlife Den at Nameri National Park. The time being off-season, we were informed by the camp authorities, during booking for accommodation, that rafting, visit to the Park & all other activities have been withdrawn. However, there was no stopping our undaunting spirits & excitement and we decided to go ahead with our plan and packed our bags for a night stay in the wilds. 🙂


Owned and managed jointly by the government of Assam and an NGO in association with the forest department, the Nameri Eco Camp is a wonderful place to stay and explore the Nameri National Park.. The place is well-run and nicely maintained by an efficient staff. The accommodations are in tents or thatched cottages (to give a feel of living in the wilds), which are attached to private bathrooms with hot water geysers (to negate the discomfort of the wilds). This arrangement makes the stay even more perfect. The tents are made of colorful fabrics with a netted lining with 2 single beds, a clothes rack & bench for storage. A thatched roof above the tent gives additional protection and creates a shaded porch outside the tent.

 nameri1  IMG_3956

We had planned to start our journey at about 10 am. But the 4 of us, being late risers and lazy fellas during the weekends, finally managed to leave for Tezpur at around 12.30 pm. Moving forward through the sleek, black roads dampened by the previous night rains, under the green foliage & canopies every now & then, & stopping by to click photos in the highway & also gulping some finger – licking Assamese cuisine (@ Triptire Ekhaaj, Amoni, Nagaon), we managed to reach Tezpur at around 5 pm (the drive was supposed to be 3 hour long!! :P). The camp was about 45 kms away from here.

After we took the turn from Mission Chariali, Tezpur towards Nameri, the view was splendid. The sun was slowly setting & the blue skies had turned orange. We reached the camp at around 6 pm.  Being off-season, most of the staff of the camp was on leave. Nonetheless, we were welcomed warmly and the manager informed us that we could choose from the tents or cottages as all of them except one were unoccupied. The four of us were happy to be there……away from the humdrum of our city life, away from the dust, noise, crowds…… The greenery all around us soothed our souls.

We quickly chose our tents side by side. They were named Rupahi & Ramani. 🙂 After freshening up, the four of us settled down to take in the silent atmosphere of the camp. Our ears have grown accustomed to so much noise all around us, from morning to night, that we had forgotten what silence was like. We could hear the chirping of the birds flying back to their nests, the croaks of the frogs, the distinctive noises of different insects & many other sounds characteristic of village life, untouched by so-called modernity. My soul was soothed, I felt happy and at peace. Positivity was flowing all around me.

For snacks, we gorged on some tasty & savoury crispy fried chicken and vegetable pakodas. We sunk ourselves into the comfortable chairs and put on some soothing music and then we talked and talked and talked. After a simple but tasty dinner we continued our chatting and talked our heart out late into the silent night.

That night it rained….very heavily. The electricity went out. I felt scared at first, but then the darkness wrapped itself around me and the sound of the rain outside lulled me into sleep. I slept like a log. 😛

The next morning I woke up early (@ 5am, very unlikely of me) to the sounds of birds chirping. I stayed in the bed but after tossing there for some time I came out. The rains of the previous night had made the trees greener & the sky bluer. The freshness all around the campus was even more evident now. I took a walk allowing the view to sink in and also felt sad that soon it will be time to leave. But then I pushed this thought away and called my friend to join me outside for a walk around the campus. There were 2 swings in front of our tents. Right from the moment we came to the camp till the time we left, we 2 girls enjoyed the swings. We re-lived the experience of our childhood, of letting ourselves rise high into the air, filling ourselves with happiness & fulfillment.

Because of the rains of the previous night, the water level of Jia Bhoroli had risen up and so we could not go for the boat ride. We had to settle for a picnic lunch. And it was no less enjoyable. The view of the distant mountains along the backdrop of the blue skies, the swelling Jia Bhoroli, the Park on the other side of the river, the pink flowered trees……..everything was breathtaking. We sat for a long time by the river & immersed our feet in the waters. A few teeny-weeny fishes came and poked at our feet, not even moving away when we put our hands into the water. Everything around us was simple yet so beautiful.

Our cook cooked us a simple lunch of steamed rice, local chicken curry & salad and it was so tasty that we licked our plates clean. One thing I noticed there was that, though the place was a well-known picnic spot, it was clean and not littered with plastic bottles & wrappers, etc. & learnt from our cook that the local people helped to keep the place clean & green. I saw him packing the empty water bottles in a poly bag, to be later disposed in a proper place. They surely do know to keep the balance with nature. 🙂

Soon it was time for us to leave and come back to our mundane city life. We packed our bags with sadness, but then our hearts were filled with joy and our souls were at peace.

Nameri Eco camp is a must visit place if one wants to be at peace and lose oneself. Let the strings be loose for one time!

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  1. I love the photos of your weekend. Getting back to nature is the one thing that never fails to rejuvenate the soul. Glad you were able to enjoy your amazing getaway.

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