Joy of Giving

I love gifts. 🙂 I enjoy giving gifts as well as receiving them. Even though I am a ‘big’ girl now, a little something, nicely packed, always brings a radiant smile to my face and fills me with sweet warmth. The thrill of not knowing what’s inside the pretty package gives me an excitement which I enjoy to the core. Life is beautiful, presenting itself, with every moment, occasions to celebrate in our own sweet way. Most people buy gifts with a theme/reason behind it. Often, in case of your loved ones, the monetary value of the gift is not relevant, but the meaning is important. Handmade little things like cards, etc. always have a different appeal for us. The element of the special effort and time put in for creating the gift for our loved ones, is a way of saying – ‘You are special’.

There are people who buy and give gifts without putting much thought behind it. For them it might only  be a chore that is to be struck off from their ‘to do list’. But then, every individual have their own uniqueness and way of doing things. We cannot judge them for this.

I remember when we were kids, we 3 sisters used to give midnight birthday gifts (mainly handmade cards, bracelets, etc.) to each other on our birthdays, when the clock stroke 12! (I, not being very creative person, mainly made the cards by gluing the readymade items or some paper cuttings 😛 ). Back in those days, birthday gifts from school friends mainly consisted of a card and a little something of the birthday girl/boy’s likeness. I remember, we friends, hauling the Archies’ and Hallmark shops and going through each and every card on the racks to find a suitable card that would convey our message aptly to the receiver.

Festivals are a joy for everyone, for it means holidays, delicious food, loads of fun with friends and cousins and other family members and of course, not to be forgotten, gifts from the near and dear ones. For me the festivals and the memories associated with them, that I cherish and enjoy the most is Magh Bihu (January), Bohag Bihu (April) and Durga Puja (September – October).

Back in those good old days, the giving of gifts represented only love, friendship and regards, but in recent times this also has had some influence of commercialization. Mainly advertisements tempt us to buy certain stuffs which maybe pretty and nice but much of them has the probability of ending up in the storage.

Personally, when I choose a gift for my near and dear ones, I keep in mind a few things. First is the likes and dislikes and choices of the receiver of the gift. If it’s possible I try to find out what the receiver is currently in need of (a little bit of detective work goes a long way ;)) and then if it fits my budget. I also try to convey a message with it and make it a memorable one.

However, I believe that the most important thing is giving the gift from my heart, whatever it might be. I do not like to worry whether the gift is perfect or not. As long as my message reaches the concerned person, I am a happy and content girl. 😀 For me, the joy of giving comes in the happiness that our thoughtfulness and efforts brings to the other person.

And as the song goes….

little things you do for me
like nobody else make me feel good
little things you do for me
making me smile no one else could….

So guys spread the joy!

You are my umbrella…ella…ella

You people might be surprised to see that the lyrics of the famous song by Rihanna have been twisted by me. But then the alteration serves my purpose. 😛 . The other day, two of my colleagues/friends shared with me a beautiful animation video of the song ‘You can count on me’ by Bruno Mars. I had not heard the song before and the animation of the video brought a smile to my face and some happy memories too. While going through it, I could remember my dear friends and relate to what was being sung about.

Friendship is a sweet word. It always brings memories of joy and happiness. They say, God chooses your relatives but you get to choose your friends. It is indeed a blessing.

On a personal note, I had and have good friends, quite a number of them. Some got lost in the sands of time while some of us held on and are going strong. With some I got reunited after a gap of number of years, thanks to social media. But amongst all of them, a few have become an integral part of my life, making my life almost unimaginable without their presence.

The first friend, also the best, that I had, without my knowing it then, was my elder sister. I and my younger sister call her Aimoni Baa. She is 3 years elder to me but between us these 3 years does not seem to exist. As far as my memories take me, I see her taking me with her wherever she went and i was her partner in whatever she did. Both of us never displayed openly any kind of affection for each other, both being shy in these matters (don’t know why). But then, we always knew it in our hearts and that we can count on each other……always.

On pursuit of higher studies, I moved out of home and met new people and made new friends. A few of them have made a great impact on my life, helping me evolve and grow and be the person I am. I am forever thankful to them. there are a few special ones who loves me at all times.When i make mistakes, I can confess to them and be assured of their love for me and also their honesty. They will tell me about the truth of my actions and encourage me to do what is right. These people are a treasure. I know I can count on this bunch of people, whenever I need them and wherever I am. Likewise, I m sure they can always count on me too… 1 2 3…….

You can now enjoy the beautiful song and video my Bruno Mars: