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Photo Friday (1) – Bliss

I love taking pictures of things around me which catch my attention. And for this I generally use my phone camera since it is always with me and is hassle free too. The picture quality might not be perfect but they do capture what I want to, so in the end I am happy. 🙂 In order to keep these pictures in a proper place for posterity, I have decided to do a weekly feature in my blog – PHOTO FRIDAY, where every Friday I will try to post my picture of the week. So here is my 1st one –


I have earlier shared (here & here) that I am trying to nurture some potted plants in my balcony. This year this plant (I don’t know the name) bloomed for the first time and the happiness the flowers brought me is inexplicable in words. From the day I first saw the buds I was waiting with bated breath for this day and when it finally came a few days back, I was overjoyed. 🙂