Serenity at Naamphakey

This is a post I should have posted long ago. Anyways, better late than never! 🙂

During the Christmas week, I was home for a weeklong break from work. This time I had planned to stay at home & enjoy a lazy holiday. Eating, sleeping & basking in the winter sun were the only things I had in my mind. But as I have already written earlier (post here), my Deuta is a travel enthusiast. As soon as he came to know that my leaves have been approved, he started drawing up a list of places we could visit. Since I was in no mood to travel a lot, he brought down the list with a few places nearby my hometown. We finally zeroed down to two – Majuli (largest river island in the world) & Namphakey village in Naharkatia. But then in the end, we could manage only one trip…….lazy me! 😛 (more…)