mid-air points


pls wait

Life is certainly a roller coaster ride. At one moment, it takes you to the highest point and the next moment to the lowest low. And sometimes it leaves you somewhere in-between, hanging up in the mid-air. At this point, you can neither run away nor fight it, and just have to leave everything to God/ fate. It finally leads to our destiny.

For me these mid-air points in my life are what I find difficult to cope up with. I am torn between what my heart wants and what my mind says. At such times, I feel like dropping everything and running away from the whole world that seems to be plotting against me. I question God why am I chosen to endure this. But then, running away is never a way out.

And so, I try to soothe my solution searching soul that everything happens for a reason and in its own time…..just like the sun which takes hours to rise but when it finally does, it spreads light and warmth all around. And hence, I too wait patiently that one day time will come to fulfill what my heart wants. I just need to wait……patiently.

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