For the love of love


A few days back, I was watching an episode of Life Mein EK Baar – When Angels dare! aired in FOX Traveller In this series, 5 divas had packed their bags for a South African adventure in exchange for their busy city lives. The 5 divas were – Spanish beauty Barbara Mori, of the Kites fame; make her Indian TV debut with her new friends – Yaana Gupta, Archana Vijay, Diandra Soares and Kirat Bhattal.

The girls enjoyed various activities in the entire series – from experiencing life inches away from a deadly shark to giving free hugs to passers-by; from an emotional tour of Nelson Mandela’s prison island (Robben Island) to an adrenaline pumping sky diving lesson; from flying in a Gyrocopter to playing with cheetahs; from seal diving to club hopping and attending tattoo conventions to Quad biking over sand dunes in South Africa, from cooking traditional African food to bonding over concerts. I had watched almost all of the episodes of the series. The episode that I liked the most was the giving of free hugs to passers-by by Yana and Barbara.


Yana & Barbara in Life main ek baar…when angels dare

Barbara and Yana inspired by a YouTube video about free hugs decides to paint the town with love by hugging passersby, one and all! At the beginning of their quest, no one seemed to be interested in the free hugs. But the 2 girls went after each person and almost begged them to allow them to hug them. Soon many of them bowed down to the wishes of the two pretty girls. And then the hugs flowed all over the street. What fascinated me were the facial expressions of the people who were being hugged – from an uncertain frown to a broad smile. The hugs were tight and warm and the positivity and goodwill of the 2 girls seemed to percolate to each person they hugged. And soon, the street they were standing was flooded with smiling faces. 🙂 This made me realize that we have a little puppy in each one of us – who loves to be hugged, petted, have someone caress us gently as we lie peacefully. Love is something we all long for and want…. maybe because we want to feel good about ourselves and happy too, that we have people in our lives who care for us and love us. The world will indeed be a lovely place if we display our selfless love for each other without any inhibitions… and do it simply for the love of love. 🙂

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

~ Dr Leo Buscaglia

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