A perfect life……. my dreams & wishes


Some days I go into a pondering mood and often start to wish for or dream of things that would make my life much easier and better than what it is now. This helps me escape the mad rush that we all have become a part –of (at least for some time, in my thoughts). Many will say my problems or issues with life are far less or insignificant as compared to someone lesser privileged than me, but I guess it’s perfectly okay to wish for or at least dream of an easier life, if not perfect. 🙂 After all, isn’t it our dreams and hopes that keeps us moving forward, fighting all odds, in our life?

My (dream) life shall be a tangle-free & uncomplicated one where/when

  • I have my dream job and also earn enough to take care of my needs as well as of my parents too
  • It was easier to find a balance between my needs and my desires
  • Managing my finances was not so confusing & stressful (wanting to both splurge and save is not an easy task, I tell you!!)
  • The food I love to eat did not add to the fat content in my body and produce bulges where I did not want them
  • I did not have to wake up early in the morning and still be on time
  • There was no traffic jams when I am late for an appointment
  • Eating/breathing/sleeping was, or at least could get counted as, an exercise
  • My workplace allowed the employees to devote one day of the 5-day week to pursue their hobbies
  • Cooking dinner after coming back from office was not so frustrating (it’s not healthy to eat out every day, sigh!)
  • All the plants I plant in my pots  grow up to be healthy ones with blooming flowers smiling radiantly at me (each & every time, though I sometimes forget to tend to them – yeah sometimes I get lazy)
  • People’s compliments did not make me blush or embarrassed. (Often I go into an explaining mode rather than accepting them silently, as if I don’t deserve them :/)
  • Travelling / holidays could be done without having had to worry much about time-schedule, getting leaves approved from my boss and money too.
  • It was easier to decide what to wear, when I am going out somewhere
  • I could shake a leg, when I wanted to, without feeling embarrassed
  • I remembered to thank people, on time, when I am grateful to them (yeah, I am a forgetful person 😦 )
  • I remembered birthdays of the important people in my life without relying on reminders of various kinds

How do you want (or dream of) your perfect life to be?