Archie will die??

Obit Cartoon TycoonWho does not know Archie Andrews from Riverdale? Like me, many of us have grown up with him and his group of friends consisting of Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Jughead, etc. Even today, when I come across Archie comics somewhere, I grab a copy of it. Reading an Archie comic is fun……..and also a walk down the memory lane. 🙂 In my growing up years, it was an expensive comic as compared to the other Indian comics available and hence buying one was a luxury back then. It happened only on special occasions; but then there was exchange of different issues with friends and neighbours. 🙂 We all a great time growing with Archie and his gang – taking sides with either Betty or Veronica, hating Reggie for his evil mindedness, adoring Jughead for his cuteness and love for food, admiring the genius, science guy Dilton and the many others. (more…)