9th June

Thank you !


Ok. Now this post was long due. Actually I was trying to put up this post a few days back but was really caught up at work. Anyhow, my birthday falls on 9th June. But this year the celebrations were spread throughout the month. Apart from the fun and great food I had with my colleagues/friends whom I hang out with most of the time, my birthday this time was all the more special because a few of my friends came down to my town specially for the occasion. 🙂 We have been friends since my grad days. We are those kinds of friends with who don’t talk regularly but every time we meet, we seem to start from where we left. Isn’t it amazing to have such friends? (Touchwood!) There is no place for ego, jealousy in our special bond. It’s not like that we don’t fight or get angry at each other. We certainly do, but then we forget it with time. We are always there for each other, if not in joy but definitely in times of need.

We make a lot of friends in various stages of our lives, but only who can withstand the strong winds of time stays in our lives forever. They become special. And I too have special friends. I am grateful to the Almighty that I am bestowed with such friends apart from all the other amazing people in my life. Ok, now enough of the senti part. 😛

So Angira, Madhulekha Baa, Pallabi, Binit (even though you could not come), Ankita, Aparna (missed u that day)…… a bear hug to all of you from me. (XOXO) Thanks for being a part of my life. I had a hell lot of fun with you guys (in different batches though: P). Thanks for showering me with your love and the gifts of course! 🙂 I got to enjoy two fun movies – FUKREY and GHANCHAKKAR, & also a 7D short film, gorged on some awesome food, went for shopping and most of all had good hearty laughs.

And of course thank you to Roshni (esp. for the book 😛), Zaveer (trying to get me a surprise gift each time), Sujoy, Priyo, Shoma, Popy (my lil’ sis for getting me a gift from her pocket money), my parents, Aimoni Baa, Bhindew and everyone else who made my special day all the more special.

A special thanks to Natasha for giving me such a wonderful & pleasant surprise, from miles away. It has been ages I had received and read a handwritten letter…. in fact i can’t seem to remember the last time I did. Thanks a ton! This was special. 🙂

I have already said it earlier and I say it again. As long as I am made to feel special & have these awesome people in my life, I don’t mind me getting older. Thank you guys! You make my world so much better! 🙂

“Friendship is not only about the fun times and happy memories. It is about cherishing a relationship which will weather all the storms life has to offer”.


Images: Google & self-clicked