Photo Friday (22) – A Delicacy

InstagramCapture_d2e4b9cf-240b-405a-9426-89e4519b23e6_jpgThis photo was taken last month during one of my work trips to Bongaigaon, Assam. I had taken the Goalpara route and it was my first time in that part of my state. We had stopped at a place called Dudhnoi for breakfast and it was where I saw a lady selling the above silkworms along with many other ethnic food items like bhoot jolokia (ghost chilies), black rice, homegrown ginger, pigeons & chicken, etc. (more…)


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Hello you lovely people! 🙂

I have been away from the blog for quite a number of days now. My recent week-long trip to Kerela is one of the reasons (a post on my Kerela experience is pending too). And then there was pending work at office for being away for that week. And also, I have shifted to a new apartment very recently. All this has taken up a lot of my time and I am not able to devote time to my blog. 😦 (more…)

Which category does your co-worker fall into?


March has been a busy month this year – busier than the past 4 years of my short career. 😦 All I can think of is work, work & work. My life is revolving around my office – home – office. I am dreaming about sanctions, disbursements, recovery, compliances & the similar things of a banker job. Anyhow, this post is not to complain or about my coping up with the busy month, but about something interesting I saw in the net today. It is a list of the 10 types of worst co-workers, ever!

Read on the list if you are interested (copied from the original post) – (more…)