The three of us….

three sisters

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They the three sisters –

Big sis’, mid sis & lil’ sis,

Keeper of secrets & teller of stories.

Three journeys they made,

Treading on different paths

In the walk of life …

Side by side or miles apart,

They are bonded together,

Always by the heart.


Photo Friday (3) – Beyond

photo friday 3 Beyond…..

Welcome to the 3rd episode of Photo Friday. 🙂 I love this weekly feature I am doing here every Friday. You can check out the previous ones here & here.

Today’s photo was clicked by me a long time ago on my way to Tezpur, Assam. Yesterday as I was browsing through the pics in my phone, I found it again. As I was staring at it, I realised that somehow it feels that the road ends at the farthest point of the pic my camera captured.  At this point, the following lines by Rumi came to my mind  – (more…)

A disappointed heart…..


I thought you were different,

And so waited, and waited and waited some more…..

For you to understand,

And each passing day was painful enough to ache my soul inside-out…

Years of understanding and nurturing and love and respect,

I wanted you to understand me, my being different and support me too,

But I was disappointed,

All my dreams came crumbling down,

And I had my reality check,

You never asked me if I am okay…

But still, I have not lost hope as yet

And clinging to it with all my life,

The heavens above might shower kindness and love on me, as I wait for your next step

Wishes is all I can make for I can’t break your heart too,

I want hurt for none,

A happily ever-after is all I seek and pray for…..