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Welcome to another episode of THIS WEEK IN BOOKS! Hosted by Lipsy (from LIPSYY LOST &  FOUND), this meme is a weekly roundup about our books. Thanks for hosting Lipsy! 🙂 I am also linking this post to WWW Wednesdays, now hosted by Sam of TAKING ON A WORLD OF WORDS.

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Looking back at 2014….a bookish journey


This is supposed to be a year end post but I have decided it to make it my 1st post for the brand New Year 2015. It’s still January, and technically I can still wish you a Happy New Year! 😛 I am sure 2015 is treating everyone nicely. 🙂
Anyways, I came across the End of Year Book Survey 2014 in the blog of The Readdicts Book Blog and I, too, decided to jump in to be a part of this event. This survey is originally hosted by Jamie @ The Perpetual Page Turner. So,here we go –  (more…)

The Lotus Queen – my thoughts

lotus queen Goodreads

Author – Rikin Khamar


Soon after the beautiful young Padmini becomes Queen of Chittor – the most important city in Rajputana – she finds her happiness clouded by an ancient curse. Her life is then torn apart when the scheming Sultan of Delhi becomes obsessed with possessing her and her kingdom.
When the Sultan besieges the city, the Rajputs are pushed to the brink of destruction, and Padmini is faced with a terrible decision – one that will determine the fate of her home, her people, and her love
Set in the backdrop of 14th Century Rajasthan, The Lotus Queen richly blends fact and fiction and weaves together a tale of love, friendship, and inner courage, in the face of extreme adversity.

My thoughts –

I remember hearing about Chittor and Rani Padmini from my mother first. She used to tell us about this brave Rajput queen who chose death over dishonour and became immortal in history. Thereafter I remember reading (more…)

How I braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded a million dollar company – my thoughts

anu aunty

Author: Varun Agarwal


How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company by Varun Agarwal is a compelling and humorous account of the fulfilment of entrepreneurial dreams.
How does an unfocused young person such as Varun Agarwal, become the co-founder of a million dollar company? How does he get pesky Anu Aunty off his trail? The book is an interesting real-life story of how the author, Varun Agarwal, managed to brave all odds to reach the peak of his career.
Varun Agarwal is shown to be an unfocused human being, with no real interest in pursuing a career, even though he does harbour dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Varun whiles away his time, hopping from pub to pub, spending time with friends and keeping a track of his love interest on Facebook.
These traits worry his mother to the bone, compelling her to put the very meddlesome Anu Aunty on the job, to help get her son moving in the right direction in life. Anu Aunty does a rather good job of this, much to Varun’s dismay. He then does all that he can to get her off his track, while pursuing his dreams to become an entrepreneur.
How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company is the author’s debut novel and is on its fourth reprint already. Having sold twenty thousand copies in only a month, the book has become a bestseller by national standards. It has also occupied a firm foothold on the bestseller charts for eighty days at a stretch. The author attained initial popularity with his Facebook blog posts, a few of which were sent to his publishers. The book was conceived once they demanded a full manuscript.

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My Best Books

Some days back, there was a tagging game going on in Facebook asking people who have been tagged to list their 10 favourite books. I was tagged more than once and since I share my bookish thoughts in the blog, I decided to share my list here.

Now, for a book lover, who has been reading since like forever, it is difficult to list out 10 favourite books out of everything he/she has read. And it is no different for me. Also, the definition of ‘favourite’ changes, as time passes by and so does our taste and preferences. So today I am listing out a few books (in no particular order) which I had grown up with or that have stayed with me or those that made an impact on me or the ones that I simply loved reading. And I am very much sure that this list is going to get longer and longer as time passes by.SO here goes my list –  (more…)



Author – Sarika Pandit

Blurb –

While her B-School batch mates are busy scrambling for top jobs and grades, a restless Sarika dreams of putting on her running shoes and having all the pages of her passport stamped by the age of thirty.

What follows is a frenzied quest of not just collecting stamps but ticking off items off her ever-expanding bucket list: From learning the local language in Spain to an alcohol trail through Greece; from a tryst with Shakespeare and Jane Austen in the United Kingdom to an encounter with the Vampire in Romania; from straddling the border of two countries in the Middle East to a road trip through Morocco to the Sahara; each experience bringing her a little closer to reaching that final destination on her passport.
A journey of falling in love with globetrotting–this one promises to be one of the best roller-coaster reading experiences you will have this year.

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The Milk of Female Kindness: An Anthology of Honest Motherhood – my thoughts


Author/Contributors – Various

Blurb –

‘Mother’ is a word heavy with associations.
Becoming a mother is surely one of the biggest changes and challenges in a woman’s life. It is at once an absolutely unique experience, and yet one which is so common that it is often overlooked. Motherhood is intense, relentless and absorbing, in all senses of the word.
Popular culture seems to have a split personality when it comes to motherhood – at once holding it up as a sacred ideal, and yet being a little dismissive of women as mothers. A diverse international group of women have been brave enough to share their stories, poetry and artwork to encourage you to think and feel about this most influential of relationships in a new and enlightened way.

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Life is a Pack of 52 cards – my thoughts


Author – Sumeet Jain

Blurb –

Life is always a game of choices. It involves an interplay of conclusions that we draw every day, depending upon our perception of life. 
As the perceptions change, so do the conclusions too. To some, life has always been half-full’ while others perceive it as half-empty’. Through this book, one can easily solder wire the brain, to look at life only and only as an offering ‘half-full’ instead of looking at it as half-empty. It is neither a book on Do’s and Don’ts nor is it some kind of a rule-book. It does not unveil any secret recipe of that magic potion either, which we have been searching for years.
The book, in reality, is a beautiful and honest compilation of authors personal and professional experiences. It elucidates and describes the various teachings that life has offered to him over all these years. Life is not only stranger than we can ever imagine, it is mysterious as well. It is like a riddle, wrapped as an enigma. Life is also the single most complex process to be understood, after the human brain. Each one of us has a unique life to live and each one of us has to deal with it uniquely rendering it almost impossible to have one size that fits all. However, the book would surely help us create a framework, thus enabling us to lead and live our life better in bliss and in peace.
The author pledges to donate all proceeds from the sale of this book to Being Human Foundation dedicated to educating the underprivileged kids and undertaking healthcare measures for them. He firmly believes that while our earnings reflect how we make a living, our contributions to the society embody how we make a life.



Hello book lovers! 

I am still in the hangover of my recent holiday to God’s own country – Kerela. It was an awesome week-long holiday I had with my parents & my lil’ sister last week. Detail post on my experience in this beautiful place will be up very soon. 🙂

It’s Wednesday and time for another episode of WWW, the weekly book meme hosted by MizB of Should be Reading. To play along, we just have to answer the following three (3) questions…

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