Being random…..again!

The last time I did a random post, it was fun. It is a good way to blog (actually a shortcut), especially when I am not in a mood to write elaborate posts but still want to share my thoughts in my blog. So here I go again – (more…)


I love taking pictures here and there, of this and that with my mobile phone camera(currently using Nokia Lumia 720). And I often share them on social media. However there are many which gets stored in a folder of my hard disk.

Last June, I stumbled upon Writer’s Ezine and sent them one of my photos to be considered for publishing in any of their forthcoming issues. And to my delight, they included it in their October issue! 🙂

Here is a link to the issue –

Living today….

today-is-a-gift“Life is the thing that happens to you while you’re regretting the past and worrying about the future.” ~ Dylan Ozmore

On 9th of this month, I grew older by a year. And with 1 more year in my pocket, I realized that I have matured a lot over the years….even being not aware of it. Age and maturity seems to have silently crept up on me and said, SURPRISE!, here we are ….. :/ Over the past few months I have been thinking a lot of my life. Many things are happening around me and I seem to have no control on the way things are shaping up. I don’t want to crib on the happenings of my life but I want to put down my thoughts and realizations in this phase of my life. (more…)

Better late than never!

I am running out of excuses in keeping up with my commitment to my blog…..sigh! Life, in general, has become too busy and I am running late in many things. Anyways, I believe in the “better late than never” thingy and so today I am ticking off one item from my pending- since-forever list and that is acceptance of awards that fellow bloggers have bestowed upon my blog.

Over the past few months, my blog have been ‘awarded’ many blog awards. Here is a list of the awards and the bloggers who nominated me for them – (more…)

The Man with a Mission

Have you heard of the man who created a 1360 acre of forest over a span of 30 years, all by himself? Watch this video to know about this simple yet extraordinary man’s mission to save our planet –

Isn’t it amazing? And we thought, can one person make a difference? Mr Jadav “Molai” Payeng is the answer and he is indeed a great inspiration.

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Happy Holi !

3D-happy-holi-image-wallpaper Image – Google

Today is the day to be silly, laugh our lungs out with our loudest laughters & get covered in multiple hues!

Wishing everyone the colours of love & happiness & the sweetness of mithais in our lives…today & always!

Happy Holi!! 🙂

For my non-Indian readers, here is some whys & hows about Holi – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holi