A trip to the wilds (Part 2)

IMG_0228Continued from Day 1…..

For Day 2, Mr. Martin, our guide cum naturalist of the resort, had advised us to wake up early in the morning at around 5 am for the jeep safari. However, having celebrated the birthdays of two of our friends the previous evening over great food (including some divine chocolate cake), drinks & chatting, we were having a hard time dragging ourselves from our beds. And when we did manage to do so, we saw that it was dark & foggy outside – one more reason to feel lazy! Here are some pictures of that early morning – (more…)

Monsoon thoughts & memories


Puddles here and there…….

Colourful raincoats & umbrellas….

Raindrops hanging on tree leaves & electric wires….

Snuggling under blankets……

Pakodas with a cup of hot brewing tea or a bowl of hot & curly Maggi……

Sitting by a window and staring at the drenched world outside…..

Partially dried clothes hanging here & there all around the house…..

These mean monsoon to me…

As a child I used to look forward to this season. This is the season when we made paper boats and floated them in the drains & puddles in the road. I loved getting drenched in the rain. Being a cold & fever prone child (the flu virus have not left my hand as yet) I was not allowed to get wet. But then I always managed to find ways to do so. While coming back from school, I walked through the puddles and then my shoes made a phissssss sound every time I took a step. 😛 During my graduation days, the landlady of my hostel was aware of my being fever-prone very easily and so to escape her motherly chiding I made my escape to enjoy the rain in the evening when all the doors had been shut. This is when I had a few moments of me, dancing in the rain ……the rain falling on me, drenching me….. soaking me in freshness & happiness.

 5353472565_50c3ef0b01_z  girl-dancing-rain_thumb2

The orchestra, of light and sound, played by nature announcing the arrival of the rains is another brilliance of nature that never fails to awe me ..…the skies taking a grey shade, casting a shadow on the trees and mountains; the cool breeze fluttering the leaves and carrying away the twigs, papers and fallen leaves; the sound of the thunder following the flashes of light, which forms a zigzag pattern on the skies. And then the rains came…..the drops falling slowly and steadily all around me. How I love the smell when the rains fall on the parched earth for the first time! It’s heavenly!


But for the lesser advantaged – the ones sleeping on the road under the skies, the ones with a leaking roof – rains is not a joyous thing. Flash floods, water logging, traffic jams, floods in low-lying areas are the distress of the season. But then it’s the law of nature. Every good thing has its streak of negative too.

For me, the monsoon rain is healing – it brings the much needed relief from the oppressive heat of the season. The temperatures come down, swiping away the signs of discomfort & discontentment from the faces. It seems to bring in a ray of hope …for positive things. It ignites the romanticism in our hearts. 🙂

“Life is not about how to survive in the storm

Its about learning to dance in the rain”


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The splendid light that rules the night


After a long and tiresome day at office, on reaching home I laid down on my bed to straighten my spine. I had switched off the lights to create a serene and peaceful ambience for myself, so that i could relax. Suddenly I felt a ray of light on my face. The curtains in my room had been drawn down. So I tried to check where the light was coming from.  I live in the 2nd floor of my building and there were no high lights anywhere nearby. Then, I got a peek of the magnificent moon, shining brightly, through the ventilators of my room. The picture was such a breathtaking one that it kind of pulled me towards it. I opened the windows and sat in my bed to appreciate the Creator’s splendid creation.

I like the moon. I get a warm feeling when looking at the moon at night. My corporate life had grasped me in such a way that I had forgotten to pause and admire the beauty of nature. It has been quite some time since I have been able to spend any amount of time admiring the beautiful night sky. The full moon across my window made me realize this. Till my student life, from childhood to post graduation days, I always had some time to look at the moon and take in its brilliant radiance. It kind of rejuvenated me and filled me with a different kind of energy. As a kid, in the summers, when there used to be load shedding in my hometown, all the other kids in my neighbourhood along with my sisters had a nice time staring at the sky – at the moon and stars, trying to locate the pole star, constellations, etc. I kind of felt sad thinking about those days of carefree life and having time to stop and have a look at the world around me.

When I was looking at the moon that night, it seemed to be smiling majestically in the sky and reminding me of the good old days. It was enriching the beauty of the night. It was simply gorgeous! The moon seemed to be soaking away all my fatigue and filling me up with peace, calmness and happiness.

The moon changes its shape at regular intervals. The full moon fascinates me the most. And so does the crescent shaped new moon. For me, the former signifies the completion of a journey undertaken and the latter means a new beginning for me. This is infact how life is – after every completed journey, we embark on new ones.

Today, looking at the moon, I have realized there are positive things in life and these things make life beautiful. Life may be unfair or mean sometimes but if we have hope and faith, all the negativity and ugliness can be buried or overshadowed, by these positive things.

“The moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.”

~ Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me