Band Baaja Boys – my thoughts

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Author – Rachna Singh


Band, Baaja, Boys! is a sure-fire laugh riot that will make you giggle, chortle, chuckle and often burst into large guffaws.
BA-pass Brajesh sold bras in Manphodgunj. Perhaps his destiny was sealed the day Babuji named him Bra-jesh. Under normal circumstances, Brahmins were not supposed to be businessmen. But Kumud Bajpai had brought along a hosiery shop as dowry and there was no looking back. Only front!
One glance and Brajesh could estimate, ‘Madam, 38D will be perfect.’
Together, they had produced and raised Binny, their twenty-year-old daughter, who they lovingly called a ‘happy-go-lucky’ girl: happy to spend her father’s money while different fellows got lucky.
As was noted by most of Manphodgunj’s male population, Binny had come of age. Who, from the queue of suitors will bag her? Raja, who has lost his heart to her? Or, the ‘gorment‘- job-holder Tarun? Or, will it be the Sanskari-N.R.I., Harsh? Or, will Binny spurn all of them and elope with Rahul Pandey?
Band, Bajaa, Boys! will take you on the laugh-o-coaster of your life!

My thoughts –

The author of the book runs a very popular blog and I have read quite a many posts of her. So when I was offered this book for review, I said yes. Also, I was looking for some light read at that time.

The book starts with an introduction to Allahabad and from the detailed description, I am sure people from Allahabad can relate to every bit of it. And for people like us, who have never been to the place, she was successful in painting a good-enough-to-visualise picture for us.

Band Baaja Boys is a very Bollywood-ish kind of story where the story revolves around finding out who manages to win the hand of Binny, the patakha of Manphodganj, amongst a band of boys namely – Raja, Rahul Pandey or Tarun. The roller coaster ride to find the answer is a hilarious one with ample use of Hinglish and some really crazy/funny characters. There were quite a few bits in the book where I laughed aloud loudly enough to startle my sister in the adjacent room. 😛

Final Words –

A fun, refreshing, and light read with quite a few hilarious scenes 🙂

Note –


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