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Today with this post I am trying to catch up with two reviews in one post. The people at Fingerprint Publishing have always been patient with me and my mostly-delayed reviews of the books they send me. So here I am with two reviews – one pending and one on time 😛 and they are –

  1. Those Immigrants by Scott Haas
  2. Penumbra by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay


those-immigrants Source: Goodreads

Author: Scott Haas


30 individuals. 1 country. And a zeal to make it to the top.
This is the resounding tale of immigrants who journeyed to
America and settled for nothing but the best.
Stories of hope, belief, dreams, and an indefatigable spirit.

My thoughts:

As I had already shared above, this is a review copy sent to me by Fingerprint Publishing.

As the blurb says, this book is a compilation of success stories of 30 individuals in the United States of America. Unlike most similar stories which revolves around IT professionals or scientists, this one captures stories of people in diverse fields like Law, Economics, Arts, Journalism, Accounting, Politics, etc. over a span of last 50 years.

The author has kept the stories brief but the essence of their struggles and hard work to reach where they are today was conveyed aptly. Having said that, I would have loved it if the author went a little bit more into details – however, that’s entirely my personal opinion.

Final word:

Not very extensive but an inspiring compilation of how some Indians made a mark while living & working in the States.


penumbraAuthor: Bhaskar Chattopadhyay


In the middle of one of the worst storms to hit the city, a mysterious letter arrives for Prakash Ray, an out-of-luck journalist, inviting him to a quaint, suburban bungalow, to celebrate the 60th birthday of an uncle he has never heard of . . .
As Prakash reaches the venue, he is introduced to a motley group of people, all gathered there for the old man’s big day: his son, his reticent brother, a dignified middle-aged lady who once owned the bungalow, a listless lawyer who manages his legal affairs, a mild-mannered young man who works as his secretary, his beautiful, young biographer, and his mysterious friend, who has never lost a game of chess to him. As the storm lashes on through the night, one of the people in the bungalow is murdered! In a game of cat and mouse that follows, Prakash soon finds out that under the surface of apparent warmth and friendliness, nothing is as it seems and that the bungalow holds one shocking secret after another! In a bid to save his own life, Prakash hunts for the truth, which lies in a mysterious penumbra of shadows and lights, covered in a sheath of deceit and guile, only to realize that the worst is yet to come!
‘Make sure you have three clear hours when you pick this book up because you won’t stop reading till you’ve finished it.’ ~ Arunava Sinha
‘With Penumbra, Bhaskar Chattopadhyay has brought back the cerebral sleuth to the annals of crime fiction. A fantastic whodunit.’ ~ Anees Salim

 My thoughts:

This, too, is a review copy sent to me by Fingerprint Publishing. In spite of having a towering pile of to-be-read books, I said yes to this one owing to the interesting blurb. And I am glad I did! 🙂

The book starts with this and I knew it was going to be an interesting read.epigraphOn a stormy night, two back-to-back murders happen inside the bungalow of Mr. Rajendra Mukherjee, a retired artist and author, amidst his 60th birthday celebration. The victims were himself and his wife Anita. The house had a group of people consisting of his drunkard son, his doctor brother, his lawyer, a middle-aged lady who is also the previous owner of the bungalow, his secretary, a beautiful lady who was writing his biography, his mysterious friend who never lost in a game of chess with him and finally the narrator, i.e. the nephew of Mr. Mukherjee – and all of them were suspects. The motives of the murder were thought to be either revenge or fear or money.

I will not divulge the details of the story here but I must say that it is one of the best mystery novels I have read recently. It was quite engaging from the page 1 itself and maintained its tempo till the end. The unfolding of secrets and connecting the dots which finally led to the uncovering of the murderer was a great read and the climax was quite surprising too!

I have not read any other work of the author before but now I plan to check out his other book PATANG too.

Final word:

An engaging, fast-paced whodunit….perfect to entertain those mystery-loving readers. 🙂

Notes –

  • Both the books were sent to me by Fingerprint Publishing & the opinions expressed here are my own and unbiased.
  • This review is also linked to my Goodreads Reading Challenge, 2016.



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