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Kindness has ripple effects. When someone is kind to us, we feel motivated to do the same for someone else. And if we listen to our heart and do so, before getting back to our busy lives with hardly any time for anything, we experience a happiness that warms our souls.

Kindness of my fellow beings inspires me to be kind too –

  • Like that beggar who was sharing a biscuit from his packet, with a street dog – it was such a kind gesture from someone who himself is living at the mercy of others. People like him encourage me to do lil’ acts of kindness which are spontaneous & does not require much effort.
  • The baker mom of one of my seniors who gave me birthday blessings in the form of a homemade cake delivered personally, topped with a big & warm hug, that too when I had met her only twice previously while taking delivery of her cakes. Beautiful and kind people like them, who showed pure love on almost strangers like me, make our days so much brighter & better!
  • Those beautiful people who smile at strangers, many times doing a favour to someone who is in need of at least a smile, a gesture that someone cares.
  • The kind soul who was pouring water from her bottle on an almost withering plant by the footpath. This simple gesture on a scorching summer day meant so much more!
  • That friend of mine who helped me when I reached out to her, without asking any questions, making the situation easier for me.
  • That friend from my hometown, she has now become my family, who sent me homemade delicious lunch delivered at my doorstep on a day when I was sick and lying at home all alone, too weak to cook anything.
  • My parents who reach out to people and help them in any possible way whenever & however they can, with their limited resources.

Amidst all the hatred and negativity, people like them keep the lamp of hope, goodness & positivity alive in our world…..more power to people of this kind and may their tribe increase! ❤


This post is a part of the Kindness Challenge 2016 (Week 5) that I am participating in; many thanks to Niki from THE RICHNESS OF A SIMPLE LIFE for hosting it!

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  1. True Madhu. Small acts of kindness around us never fails to make me smile. I feel the power of kindness is really underestimated in our world. It is kindness in our intent, thoughts and actions that really keeps the world going.

  2. Kindness is a chain that the world needs. I came across a power video where people on the streets help each other, offering a flower to a homeless person or buying a burger. And it keeps going:)

  3. Loved the positive energy and inspiring warmth of this post 🙂
    What a great list of moving examples of sharing & kindness ❤

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