Let’s be kind…

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During our growing up years, at home as well as part of the Moral Science classes in school, we all are taught to be kind among many other virtues. We are told to be kind, in thoughts & words, to our fellow human beings, the animals around us as well as the plants & trees. However, as we grow up, the significance of these lessons seems to grow lesser & lesser. Life gets busy and in a bid to be a part of the mad rat race we all are a part of (voluntarily or involuntarily), we seem to lose them. Most of the times, we expect these virtues from others but somehow ignore or forget to practise them ourselves.

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I have noticed many times around me (sadly, sometimes I am guilty too!) that people prefer to be nice rather than being kind. Somehow it becomes more convenient. Maybe one of the reasons for this is our inherent need for getting validation or approval from others. Many people think they are being kind but what they actually are is only being nice; since their words & thoughts, are more to please others and not because they want to actually say or do it. And many times, we are left with frustration & contempt when we do not get the desired result of our actions.

As a part of the Kindness Challenge I am participating in, I decided to focus on being kind to others, rather than being nice and I made the following realisations –

  • We can be kind when we are confident & comfortable with ourselves & our actions
  • We need to make kindness a part our lives, a virtue which we practise because we believe in it and at the same time, not expect any returns from it
  • We need to have love & self-respect for ourselves which will translate into our actions & help us to be compassionate towards others
  • We all can differentiate between niceness & genuine kindness and when one receives kindness, it translates into happiness for both of us and soon this magic percolates to many more people, isn’t it amazing?
  • Last but definitely not the least, practising selfless kindness both towards myself and others, I feel happy inside out; positivity & hope brightens my days like a bright sunflower on a sunny day 😀

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I am grateful to Niki for hosting this Kindness Challenge and filling my weeks with so much positivity! ❤

My other post for the challenge can be found here –

Week 1 (Self Love & Kindness)

Week 2 (Little bits of Kindness)


  1. I love your comments on the challenge and the way you made the distinction between being nice and being kind. You are so right. We should all work on being kinder.
    I’ve ben so busy and am so far behind in reading blogs and in blogging. I will get back to reading your previous posts. Hope you are doing well. Big hugs, my sweet friend.

  2. I love how you mention being kind without expecting anything in return. That’s a very important aspect of doing something kind from your heart. Awww thank you, it’s my pleasure to host but what you get out of it is fruit from the effort you put into it. As much as I’d love to take the credit, it’s not mine to be had, thank you so much for participating. ❤

  3. Just thought that this post needed a comment. BTW, haven’t seen you around in awhile…come, visit, have a read, and post a comment or two! 🙂

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