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When I saw my fellow blogger & friend, Natasha from Points to Ponder, signing up for the KINDNESS CHALLENGE (2016), I decided to join in too. It is hosted by Niki of THE RICHNESS OF A SIMPLE LIFE and the details of the challenge are given here – DETAILS PAGE.

The first week is about starting my day with kindness. Every morning I made it a point to thank the heavens for the all the good, bad & the ugly things & experiences I have in my life, for they are what makes me what I am.  Also, though I have been practising it for quite some time now, but after I signed up for the challenge, I made it a point that I start my day by reminding one of the positive/good things about myself; after all self-love & kindness is what we deprive ourselves of quite often.

The world around us is a mixed bag of emotions & contradictions. Being happy and contented with what we have is easier said than done. Every time we set a goal for ourselves in the hope that it will give us the happiness we are looking for, it seems to elude us the moment it is achieved. And hence, the running around in search of happiness continues & we seldom find it. Also, during our growing up years, we have been mostly taught to be “selfless” & take care of others but seldom about self-loving.

Like everyone else, I am a part of this vicious circle of life too. But maybe with age or maturity or experience (I don’t exactly know what), I decided to be kind to myself and have started making conscious efforts to tear myself away from this circle, as much as I can. I have started concentrating on the many things that I have around me which can give me the happiness I am looking for. Being thankful, for what I have and worrying less about what I don’t have, is helping me to evolve as a contented person and I love this process of continued evolution.


Also, I have started concentrating on doing things, big or small, which makes ME happy and not because everyone else is doing it.  Taking inspiration from others and with self-introspection, I found activities that make me happy – like travelling to new/unknown lands whenever I can (I have made this promise to myself of setting my feet in a new place, far or near, at least once a year), growing & nurturing a balcony garden (have to thank Natasha for inspiring me to start one), trying my hands on art & craft (with many successful & unsuccessful results), sponsoring for a child’s welfare on a regular basis, reading books, trying my hands with new recipes (whenever I enjoy doing it & not for any compulsion), meeting & interacting with like-minded people from the virtual world of social media in the real world, laughing out loud, hanging around people from whom I get positivity, waiting for that person crossing the road when I am driving the car and many more small steps like these.


By focussing on these two small things – being thankful for what I have and doing things that I enjoy, I have experienced a contentment & self-satisfaction and I am trying my best to keep this focus intact. Being happy & contented myself, helps me in treating the people around me with love, compassion & kindness. This is an ongoing process and I am happy to be doing it! 🙂

The prompts for the 7 weeks of the challenge are given below –



  1. What a beautiful post! I love how you recognize that chasing happiness isn’t as fulfilling as it seems as the moment escapes you no sooner do you reach it. That picture that you posted is perfect! Creating your own happiness! It can take time but you have mentioned some amazing ways of creating your own happiness! I’m so glad this challenge could compliment your ongoing effort to be kind to yourself! I can’t wait to see what this week has in store for you!

      1. I’m confident it will with the effort and attention you’ve put into it, nothing but good will come from this! 🙂

  2. It’s so good to see you in the challenge! In this routine life, we often forget to be kind to ourselves. Cheers to us 🙂

    1. thanks Michelle! You are always so encouraging 🙂
      I may be a little late in posting regularly for this one, but I am definitely completing the challenge 🙂

  3. Someone just recommended this video on a post I wrote today and it reminded me of the conversation we had about the fleeting moment of happiness upon achieving it…

    Well worth the watch, just over 10 minutes and the presenter is really funny! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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