On being a woman …..


Is feeling comfortable in one’s own skin –2016-01-29-13-09-04_56ab17183bcc1And so, 63d68bb0-47f4-0132-0b09-0eae5eefacd9And if you ‘have’ to do it, don’t go by my the externalities; try to go beyond it –tumblr_mjg69nSdlg1s7viozo1_500Because, tumblr_ll62o978uM1qc3ycvo1_500And by the way –tumblr_n3f21vCgXf1qb6v6ro5_400I believe that –Strong-sexy-woman-10But then I believe in love too –873406e0-b3ce-0133-b37d-0e438b3b98d1anigif_optimized-14849-1425912282-1 On some days we are like- 635818291258723311-2008638281_girl6And on others, we want to be right under the spotlight –tumblr_mcy0aq3Giw1rgg2h8o1_400So be careful πŸ˜› –dcdb2fe1f4536a332a16ac569ef3a782And last but not the least,gif-being-honest-with-myself-pretty-little-liars tumblr_nle86tsv271rwbf4ro1_250…is YOU!

So girls, ladies and women, why wait, lets CELEBRATE WOMANHOOD, lets CELEBRATE OURSELVES! πŸ™‚anigif_enhanced-15197-1410986052-1385372_originalHAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!

Keep rocking! πŸ™‚


  1. I enjoyed this amazing post so much. I can’t even imagine the amount of hard work you put into it to find all of these video clips to add to your post. Hugs, my friend. Well done. (PS, I’ve been busy and have missed reading some of your posts, but I will get to them).

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