Photo Friday (26) – TAJ!


This is an inside view of the recently opened Vivanta by Taj at Guwahati. This is fast becoming one of the landmarks in the city and is offering the region many first of its kind experiences. The hotel’s design is inspired by the local elements of Assam like the main pavilion being inspired by the famous Kamakhya Temple, the outer walls bearing resemblance to the weaving pattern of bamboo mats and also the motifs used in various parts of the hotel are basically modern expressions of Assam’s tradition of woven crafts, etc.

The photo above is of the lounge area of the hotel. In the wall are 1008 bells signifying the essence of the Kamakhya temple; the high backed cane chairs are moderns designs of the traditional cane furniture of the region and the center table is inspired by the design of a Xorai.





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