A Hangover….

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… called the bookish hangover & I am going through it now, unable to concentrate on my work. :/ It’s something which almost all book-lovers have experienced in their lifetime, more than once for sure.

I recently finished The Time Traveller’s Wife  and have been experiencing this terrific hangover. I was super slow with this book, firstly because it took a bit of time to interest me and when it did, it slowly grew on me – so much that I did not want it to end. I was time travelling back & forth with Henry & Clare, living with them their true love, anguish & destiny, which they could not alter. And towards the end, when I knew what was coming, I was all the more reluctant to reach the last word. But I had to and I did. And now I am living in a hangover of it. I am thinking of the things Henry & Clare did & said and they are like real people to me…and now I miss them. They had me so much engrossed into their lives that now I don’t know what to do next. Right now I am mourning that an awesome book is over. I am like, “What the hell am I supposed to do now?” I wish I knew the author and could call her up to ask what happened after she ended the story….I can only wish for this, sigh! This is not my first time when I am experiencing a bookish hangover, but I am as clueless as my first time. 😮

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What do you suggest is the best way to come out of it – wait sometime for it to pass out or start a new book to get over it? Have you ever experienced a bookish hangover? How do you handle it?


  1. Oh, I have everytime I finish a good book! Just start a new one and jump into another world 😉

    I guess this book should be on my shelf soon, hearing a lot about this book these days.

    P.s.: Loved the images! 😀

    1. yeah, I guess that will be a good way out & the only way out 😛
      And yes, do add this book to your self soon; even I had kept it pending for too long.
      Thanks, the images helped me to describe my condition perfectly 😛

  2. I know bookish hangover! Suffer from it for every book. For some books, it refuses to go even after days. I usually talk it off.. I bore S with endless stories about the book and that does the trick for me 🙂 This book has been on my list for long – will read it next 🙂

    1. Talking it off is also not quite helping me this time….anyways, I am posting my review in a few minutes, you can check it and decide if you want to read it immediately or maybe later 😛

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