Gifts Galore!

gifts Pic Source

I am a happy & lucky woman! Friends & colleagues taking trips to various places and coming back with souvenirs for me, makes me feel special and very happy too. 🙂 I love surprising people with gifts and when someone does the same for me I do a jump of joy (in my mind, most of the times). 😛

Receiving souvenirs as gifts, from places I have never been to and holding them in my hands which reached me after crossing quite a few kilometers, is like experiencing a bit of those unknown lands. 🙂 In the last 2 days, I received 2 beautiful ones –

First is a wooden bookmark from Thailand gifted to me by my senior colleague who sits in the cabin next to me. Seeing the number of books I order from Amazon (many a times she had to pay for the CODs in my absence) she thought it would be an apt gift for me….and I cant agree more with her! 🙂WP_20160201_003Second one is a piece of art all the way from Ranchi, Jharkhand, gifted to me by my bestie, who was there for a training program. This art form is known as the Dhokra Art. Along with a gift I got to know something about the art & culture of Ranchi, isn’t it amazing?WP_20160203_001There have been many others such gifts in the past which I have not shared here, but they are no less special for me. And yes, I know I am blessed to have such loving people around me….. touchwood! 🙂


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