Photo Friday (25) – Bonfire Memories

WP_20160115_002As I had shared earlier, the night before Magh Bihu (also known as Bhogali Bihu) is known as Uruka. On this festive night, along with community/family feast, another thing I love is the tradition of setting up of a big bonfire and the whole group sitting around it.

The preparation for the feast like chopping of vegetables, cleaning of the banana leaves where food is served, etc. is done here. Rounds of tea with the festive goodies like til pitha, narikol laru, ghila pitha, etc. happen and with it lots of gossips. With time, we are not always able to manage community feasts but we definitely make it a point to have our family dinner with all of these traditions, a bonfire included. Along with the yummy food, the warmth of the fire, peals of laughter and the catching up of the gossips & other news, makes this night a memorable one every year, without fail. 🙂

This year, due to work pressure, I could not be home for the Uruka feast, but we made up for it the next day with all the things we love doing together. 🙂


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