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A word so sweet,

Making our life sweeter…

Teaching us lessons

Of patience, giving & caring

And nurturing too,

It’s like a journey –

From a sapling to a tree…

Keeper of secrets,

They talk and they listen,

They fight with you,

They laugh at you,

But are always there –

When the world is against you….

Friendships may pass or fail –

The test of time,

But no matter what,

They teach you a lesson every time

And make our lives worthwhile!

This is one of those posts where I celebrate & cherish friendship & the friends I have in my life. In the past, many have come and many others have left my life, as my friends. One thing that I have realised is that this is a bond which one needs to nurture over time, so that it blossoms into a lifelong relationship. Both the parties have to invest their time and emotions equally or else one ends up getting hurt and bitter. At the same time, its something which cannot be forced on another; when one realises that the other person is not interested in keeping the bond alive, its time to to move on.

Anyways, recently I hosted a birthday party for one of my besties. Apart from cooking dinner, I got her some very creative and delicious cupcakes from VANILLA BLOOM. The baker is one of my ex-colleagues who have left her job for pursuing her passion. She is a home-baker now and is quickly getting into the city’s map with her delicious and very pretty looking cakes and cupcakes. So anyone who is in Guwahati and wants to taste her delicious spread check out her FB page here. I leave you with a picture of the cupcakes I ordered for the birthday girl and needless to say, she was super-thrilled and happy with the batch –

blog The cupcakes were made around the favourite things of the birthday girl – a stiletto (the brown one – the whole thing was eatable), a dress in light pink (since she loves & believes in fairy tales),  teapot and a cup (since she loves to have tea like me), one with butterflies which she loves (red is one of her favourite colours), the one with a song (for the Enrique fan in her) and a mask from Krish (for the Hrithik Roshan fan in her) and the middles one is the birthday girl herself with her long hair. 🙂


  1. That’s a beautiful bunch of very thoughtfully selected cupcakes. These look spectacular & I am sure must taste the same too.
    What a very beautiful poem on friendship 🙂
    So true that friendship needs to b nurtured to keep growing & blooming forever 😀

  2. Thank you so much for the mention..specially coz there was no need, but you still did 🙂 *touched*

    Had another sleepless night coz of work, have been working on a marathon… But seeing someone appreciate my love for my work only boosts my morale and keeps on reminding me that all the hard work is so worth!


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