Photo Friday (21) – Sinful Delight

sinful delight

I do not have a sweet tooth and hardly feel tempted for any kind of desserts, no matter how inviting they appear to be. I am more of a savoury person. But then once in a while I do indulge in sweets and if I like what I taste, I don’t think twice before taking a second helping. 🙂

The picture above is that of a caramel custard I had sometime back in one of the best places to eat in my city – MOSAIC (it’s the restaurant in the hotel THE RESIDENCY TOURIST RESORT). The restaurant has a varied menu ranging from Indian to Continental. But what I enjoy to pick up from their menu are the ones from the Chef’s Recommendations. They are really good!

If anyone is in town and wants to tickle your taste-buds in a nice ambience, MOSAIC is one of the places you must visit. 🙂


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