I haven’t posted in my blog since quite a long time. Life has been quite busy and with this blogging and reading has taken a backseat. Still I am trying to manage time for the things I love by regularly checking out my favourite blogs and reading at least a few pages of my book every day.

Today’s post is more of a cheat post. I am actually sharing a photo of one easy-to-do DIY I did during Diwali this year. I have seen pics of this kind in the internet from quite a long time and wanted to make one for myself. Finally I got hold of this green bottle in one of the supermarkets and with a string of white light I completed this easy but pretty looking DIY light bottle. It now lightens as well as brightens up a corner of my humble abode. 🙂

Has anyone tried this DIY at your home as yet?

Let me know in the comments if I can improvise this is any way.


  1. I love this bottle green 🙂 I have planned to make it for when we would live in our own house! *rented houses and limited plug points*
    Your DIY is so beautiful 🙂 You are being missed, M.

    1. I can understand when you talk about limited plug points for this is why I had kept it pending too but then i decided not to keep things pending any more and managed a point with an extension board…and now I am glad I did it….thanks for your kind words GB! 🙂

  2. I have seen similar DIY projects on the internet but I am in love with yours for the clever selection of a green bottle that goes so well with the yellow lit up wires and that vase by its side which I am sure looks fab even in day time 🙂

    1. thanks a lot ME! 🙂
      BTW that ‘vase’ besides the DIY bottle is actually a disfigured bottle; I got it during one of my visits to a bottle manufacturing factory 🙂

      1. get hold of a champagne/wine bottle or any colored glass bottle and put a string of lights and its done! maybe you can do this for Christmas 🙂

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